Microwave “Bird in the Nest” Toast


I have made this Microwave “Bird in the Nest” Toast for years! Kids love to cook and this way they don’t have to use the stove to cook the egg. The toast can be made ahead of time as it will warm up in the microwave. Make the toast and let the kids go at it!

These are not just for kids! They make for a great breakfast for the young at heart too as I just ate one yesterday. Save the section of bread you cut out in the middle and make mini toasted and crustless sandwiches for lunch.

Click on the link below for the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.


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  1. Looks great. Decades before the household microwave, I lived in am orphanage farm-home with 22 boys. Being small for my age, I was the cook until I had my growth spurt. I would fry up dozens of what we called “bulls-eyes” on a big cast iron grill for the hungry lot of boys coming in from the barn.

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