Stuffed Strawberries


Delicious sweetened cream cheese filling stuffed inside strawberries is absolutely amazing! There have been some great tasting strawberries in the grocery store so I thought we would have our favorite Stuffed Strawberries. These are so easy to prepare but make sure you make extra because they don’t last very long!

Click on the link below to get the printable recipe card.

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    • Oh no I could eat these any day of the year! They would make a good Christmas appetizer though! The best time is when I pick them fresh from my garden in June…lol

  1. Thanks for posting. I haven’t had these in a long time. Using watercress for the green adds a nice pepper counterpoint.

  2. I don’t like strawberries that much so I would have never, ever, ever thought of this, but this is a great idea. Most people LOVE strawberries. The problem is — if you were to serve them for a party – you would have to make TONS because people would LOVE them. I have to keep this in mind. This is a great idea!!!!!

  3. These look delicious Diane – I was at the grocery store the other day, didn’t notice the strawberries, but saw those packages of shortcake shells and thought “no way!” Guess the strawberries have arrived!

      • I didn’t remember you growing strawberries, but I do remember you making treats with blueberries, so I may have started following you after strawberry season. 🙂 To eat the fruits and veggies that health experts tell you to eat, and follow a healthy diet, it costs an arm and a leg – it really does. Even here in Michigan which is a big tart cherry state, the price for them, even around July when they are the cheapest, is just ridiculous.

      • We have herbs, strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, asparagus, blueberries and wild mulberry trees. We have cut down 3 apple trees, 2 peach trees, a plum tree and sour cherry tree and then there is the garden! I use to do a lot of canning.

  4. Oooooh yessss!! I’ve seen something like this before I think as a Christmas snack or dessert and I thought it was neat. Strawberries are so good!

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