Brown Sugar – Homemade


Making Brown Sugar is as easy as it is fun! Only two ingredients and the back of a spoon is all you need. I don’t use a lot of Brown Sugar except at Christmas cookie season. This is nice because you can make a small fresh batch or a large batch for nowhere near the cost of Brown Sugar that you buy in the store.

I originally posted this recipe in January and with cookie season upon us I thought you may like to see it again!

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  1. You are a fountain of info Diane … first of all how to make icing sugar, now brown sugar. I used to love it in my oatmeal, but switched to syrup as I thought I’d get cavities.

      • I do use honey occasionally though I don’t like too much of it as I find it sweet. I use the regular Log Cabin syrup as it has the least sugar … I used to use sugar-free but they say the artificial sweeteners are bad, so I went back to regular syrup again. I’ll have to try brown sugar again – I used that for years and years.

  2. This is something I learned as a kid. It is handy to know when you want to make something and discovered you don’t have the brown sugar you need. Thanks for sharing.

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