How Do You Cut Up A Whole Chicken?


Don’t spend extra money paying for a whole chicken that is already cut up when it is so quick and easy to do it yourself. This is the same method you use to cut up a whole cooked chicken too. I will show you easy step by step directions to do this. Keep in mind, every time you do it yourself, it gets easier and easier. I know that this may gross some people out, and that’s ok, go ahead and buy it already cut up then. But at least try it once before you give up. You will see how simple it really is!                                            


Start by rinsing the outside of the whole chicken.

Put your hand inside the cavity and pull out any organs they left for you. These are not connected organs, they remove the insides of the chicken for you before you buy it. They sometimes put the heart, liver and gizzard in there because a lot of people like to cook them with the chicken or cut them up and add them to their stuffing.                                        D7D61108-2FC3-4028-B9C0-D617442B3146

Rinse the cavity out really well. Drain all of the water from the chicken carcass and pat dry.


Put the chicken on a large cutting board, breast side up. Pull out on the leg and thigh. Cut through the skin and meat. Cut between the joints, not through the bone. If you bend the thigh back after you cut some of the skin and meat you will see where the joint is and you can easily tell where to cut. Repeat with the other leg and thigh.


Pull back on the wing and cut the skin and the meat around the bone to see the joint and cut easily between the joints, not through the bone. Repeat with the other wing.


Cut the carcass in half separating the breast half of the chicken from the back half.


Cut the back in half making two pieces, cutting through the bone.


Cut the breast in half right down the breast bone.


If you cooked a whole chicken or maybe bought a rotisserie chicken from the store, you would use this same process to cut it up too. It’s that simple!




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  1. I actually enjoy cutting up a whole chicken. As we prefer the leg parts, and the wings though, we’ll usually remove the breasts from the bones and use them either for crumbling, or now we have a dog – for dog meat. We find them to dry unless they’re crumbed and fried. Our little puppy adores chicken, so we’ll now get great value out of the whole chicken. We usually use the carcase for stock, but maybe the puppy will end up getting that as well sometimes now to clean his teeth with.

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  2. thanks for this – and glad to know the cooked chicken is cut the same way. you make it look easy!
    oh – and one thing for me – I have started wear8ing gloves while handling any raw meat – esp. chicken

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