Butterfly Sandwich

Are you tired of your kids or grandchildren not eating their food? Then use your creativity and make a Butterfly Sandwich. I am not an artist by any means, but the kids don’t care. It’s that I took the time to make lunch special just for them that matters. I use to do this for my daughter many years ago.

Of course each child should get their own style of butterfly. This is one way they may actually eat their veggies! For my 3-year-old grandson I cut the crust off. I figured my 6-year-old granddaughter would eat the crust…..wrong! There were little bite marks right up to the crust…hahaha!

I think I had as much fun making these sandwiches as they did eating them!

Butterfly Sandwich



2 slices of bread

peanut butter & jelly, lunch meat or your favorite sandwich filling

raisins for the wings

carrots for the wings and antenna

bananas for the wings

grape or cherry tomato for the head

celery for the body

blueberries to fill the celery body

Anything fruit or vegetable will work to decorate the wings. Use whatever you have in your kitchen and what they like to eat.


Put peanut butter & jelly, lunch meat or your favorite filling on the bread. Cut the bread diagonally to make two or four triangles.

Cut celery for the body. Fill the body with blueberries.

Turn the bread so they look like butterfly wings. Place the points at the celery body.

Place a cherry tomato or grape for the head.

Cut carrots into two strips for the antennas. Cut small dots from the carrot for the wings.

Slice a banana and put on the wings.

Place raisins on the wings.





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