Boil Control Disk

If you have never seen one of these before you are really missing out. I love this Boil Control Disk! I use it about every other day. This is another one of my favorite gadgets!!! It sells for around $4.00 – $5.00. How many times have you set anything liquid on the stove top burner and as you wait for it to heat up you go and do something else. All of a sudden you hear that horrible sound of the liquid boiling all over and under the burner. With this gadget, it never happens!!! It doesn’t matter if it’s water, milk, soup…anything liquid! In a pan of only water, it will rattle when the water starts to boil so you know when it’s time to put your pasta in. It is very easy to clean and just amazing! Who ever came up with this gadget is a genius.


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  1. I have two round silicone disks that serve the same purpose. They are so handy!!! One is larger than the other, and fits over my larges/widest pots.

    • It is only about 3-4 inches round. You put it on the bottom of the pot and all the bubbles form underneath it. I am not sure why that keeps liquid from boiling over but it just does! I find it simply amazing!

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