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Today I want to share my awesome find! Last year for my birthday, my husband bought me a bright red Kitchen Aid 6 Quart Pro Mixer. This is not just a mixer. There are so many attachments for the mixer that it can make ice cream, pasta, grind meat, stuff sausage, food processor, ravioli maker and more. This unit is very good quality and will last for years! I received my first Kitchen Aid mixer as a hand me down from my mom many years ago. When I received my new Kitchen Aid Mixer last year, I passed that same hand me down mixer onto another person and it is still in use. Like I said, they last for years. The units are quite pricey as well as the attachments but in my opinion, well worth it. The attachment in the photo above sells new for around $100.00. It is a food grinder and makes different types of pasta. My reason for posting today is to make you aware of what kind of new, like new and used appliances and kitchen items you can purchase at your local Goodwill Stores. They don’t just sell clothes. I purchased this $100.00 attachment for $40.00! Last year I purchased a new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for $13.00 that sells for $60.00 in the stores. I have purchased a cast iron skillet, craft material for my clients and toys for the Grandkids, all at really good prices. It is a pick and choose chance, along with being there at the right time, as to when new or like new items are set out for sale. Why am I bringing up Goodwill? Because Goodwill is near and dear to my heart. I work with developmentally disabled adults and Goodwill employs adults with disabilities. I see how much it means to my clients to bring home a paycheck. So consider shopping for a good cause and make out on some really good deals like I did today!

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