Did You Know – Fats, Oil & Grease

How many times do you call grease oil, or oil grease, or think when butter melts it is no longer a fat or you didn’t think coconut oil was really an oil because it’s solid? Check out these brief definitions of each one to better understand the differences.

Butter is a FAT which is made from churned cream and remains semi-solid at room temperature. Lard is also a semi-solid FAT that comes from rendering the fatty tissue of a pig.

Cooking OILS are an animal liquid fat (which is rendered tissue fat from livestock animals) or plant liquid fat that remain liquid at room temperature with the exception of coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil.

GREASE is what remains after cooking animal meats, such as bacon, and is a soft or melted animal fat.

Information from Wikipedia.



  1. Our favorite fats to cook with are coconut, avocado oil (refined for high heat cooking) olive oil (more for salads) and butter. When I make eggs and bacon, will use some of the bacon fat to fry up the eggs. We don’t use corn, soy or canola.

  2. Man, that bacon looks good! Would Crisco be lard? It seems more like gold these days – almost $9 for a can of Crisco – at ALDI! I needed it to make pie crusts. I thought about substituting Imperial margarine for the Crisco, but I wasn’t sure if it would work.

    • Crisco is considered a fat and is not lard. That’s awful how much it costs now, my husband buys the groceries so I had no idea! Anyhow, there is no other way to make the perfect pie crust than with Crisco in my opinion.

      • Thanks for the info. My other choice is to cheat and just buy a ready made crust! But I will finish up the Crisco first.

  3. Good to know the difference. Interesting to know about them. I try not to cook too much with butter, I use a tiny bit of oil (olive or avocado) and as much as I love bacon and grease, I really avoid for the sake of my health and waistline. 😆

  4. I remember my first purchase of Coconut Oil. I bought a big jar at Costco. By the time I got home (summertime), It had melted and I thought I had ruined it!😂

    • That is hilarious!!!!! I didn’t even know it was for cooking because when I was in high school we used it for our skin. Then I found a recipe to make the ice cream topping that hardens on the ice cream and realized it is for cooking. 🤣

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