Baked Savannah Chicken Salad Casserole

While vacationing in Savannah, Georgia we ate at Paula Deen’s restaurant called The Lady and Sons. There was a gift shop there and of course I had to buy her cookbook. I have never been interested in trying recipes with potato chips in them but I couldn’t help myself. I adapted this recipe from her cookbook because I love chicken salad.

Made with chicken, celery, hard boiled eggs, onion, chips and more. I didn’t expect to like this casserole, however, it was surprisingly delicious! I liked it even better the next day. I used cooked rotisserie chicken which made this a very easy casserole to put together.

To see my step by step recipe with pictures and a printable recipe card click the link below.

Hot Savannah Chicken Salad Casserole


  1. I remember when I first saw this recipe of yours, I knew it would be delicious. After making it for ourselves (we loved it), I then made it at two birthday parties and the bowl came home empty each time. Thanks Diane 😄.

  2. I love the convenience of Rotiserrie chickens. You always have leftovers. I happen to have one now in the fridge but no chips. Maybe I’ll buy a bag after work! 😆😊

  3. My Mom used to make a casserole with tuna, potato chips, celery and some soup. I’ve also made cookies with potato chips in them. Glad you liked your casserole. Are you enjoying her cook book?

      • That’s too bad you didn’t find anything you liked that much. I have so many recipes saved now from blogs, yummly and other places, I could cook something different everyday. And I still have cookbooks I love like The Vegetarian Epicure, The Moosewood cookbook and the second one that restaurant made. Plus I have some of my Mom’s recipes.

      • You sound like me Katelon. Every time I make something my husband goes crazy over he says, “Well I’ll never see that one again!” Hahaha I bet your mom’s recipes are the best ones of all of them!

      • I want to try your pizza one with pesto instead of pizza sauce. That is still one of my favorite recipes over the last couple years. The one where you roll out pizza dough on a 11 by 13 sheet then make cuts on each side, fill up the middle and fold it over.

  4. That looks good and putting potato chips in a casserole is different but gives it some texture. My mom used to make chocolate chip cookies with potato chips in them.

    • I could live there in a heartbeat! Even though I got a parking ticket when we went! 🤣 I have never seen multiple parking meters at a corner and didn’t realize you had to pay to park. Where we live there is individual meters at every car, live and learn. Lol

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