A Day In Columbus Ohio

My husband and I took a day trip to downtown Columbus Ohio to check out the North Market. Living in a small town, we don’t have anything like this and we thought it was food that you bought then took home to prepare.

Boy were we wrong! It is almost entirely made up of food that is already prepared and you purchase what you want for lunch or dinner, almost like a bunch of fast food restaurants in one building.

We were able to purchase a few items but no where near the two coolers we took in hopes of filling. I wanted to buy food for the freezer from vendors selling food that was Vietnamese, Polish, Indian, Italian etc., but the food was already hot and ready to eat.

It all worked out because it was nice to visit such a different market than we have ever seen. Below are some pictures I took of the inside vendors.

I may or may not have taken home one of these!

These were not cooked! We grabbed some Gnocchi, Ravioli and Truffle & Cheese Sachetti! I am going to make a dish with the gnocchi from one of my followers. I have never had truffles or sachetti and since my husband doesn’t like mushrooms, this is for me! He bought some ravioli as I’m not crazy about them.

Now for the BEST part of our day! Meet my handsome cousin Eric and his beautiful wife Michelle, two of the nicest people you will ever meet.

They treated us to lunch at this Irish Pub and was it was delicious! We ate outside and got caught up on life then we went to see their amazing new house, what a great day!



  1. These types of markets seem like a very popular concept. We usually visit such a market, called Root 44, near Cape Town (and their food looks just as good as the ones in your photos). I have a hard time walking past a cheese stall. What a lovely day to spend with family 🌸. I look forward to your recipe with the gnocchi!

    • We took a bus trip to NYC a while back. I would have loved to stop at some of the food places on our own but time alone was so limited. I will never forget all the fresh flowers on the sidewalks and Italian Restaurant we ate at by ourself in NYC. Thank you Bernadette!

  2. Looked like a wonderful day trip to Columbus, Diane. I love that you make time to explore food and cuisine on your trips and a market is a perfect place for that. Glad you were able to find some things to bring home and you’ll have to share your gnocchi dish with us when you’ve made it!

  3. Yes its just like over here.Cooked food to eat on spot. We have a 69 fountain water garden that changes colour and dances about four different ways .From the Asian or Japanese food stall eating rooms you can see it all from large windows . I cook Indian and Italian and Greek often at home Our friends are from Vietnam and working here of over land railway. Han and Aluna teach Viet cooking and taught me two good additions to my range . Rice noodles, fried chicken, peppers and sweet and sour sauce with cashew nuts with use of fish sauce in making it .Loved it as soon as tasted . Easy quick and worthy . Make own sweet and Sour is the secret

  4. In all, this market looks like the one on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, near where I grew up. You can easily spen the day there and not see the same thing twice. Lot and lots of good food. Ejoy the ravioli!

  5. Looks like a fun time. What did you buy? I love chicken Shwarma (?) I’ve made it but would love to try the real thing. Doesn’t Columbus have a costco or a similar big box store to use to fill your freezer? Glad you found something to buy there.

    • We just bought fresh pasta and a pretzel. Everything was hot and ready to eat, not appropriate for the hours we needed to drive home. It was still fun seeing what the cooked food looked like. Costco isn’t the same as buying hot and homemade by each of the ethnic food groups.

      • I understand but I understood your post to say you had planned to stock up on food you could put in your cooler and freeze. So you were looking for ethic ready made meals frozen or fresh but cold so you could heat them at home and freeze them?

      • Yes! I guess I thought they would have ingredients I could buy that I can’t get here. But I also would have loved to purchase meals in containers that were made up and cold. There is a place in Cleveland Ohio called the West Side Market. It sells all different kinds of meat like chicken, beef etc and you buy from each vendor. I guess I thought it would be more like that. I’m not disappointed other than I wanted to try something different but we were too full. It was still fun.

      • I understand. San Diego has a great market in an old Navy compound turned into an artistic center. They have fresh foods, ready made, meats, cheeses, various cultures represented etc.

    • They sure are Mary and this place blew me away. We live in such a small town that we never see anything like this. Maybe it’s a good thing or we may eat there frequently. Lol

  6. It may not have been what you expected, but what an adventure! Everything was colorful and exciting. My main problem would have been choosing out of so many delicious dishes. So wonderful to meet up with your relatives; that was the icing on the cake!

  7. Sounds like a fun place to visit Diane – well, that bread in the first picture, the bagels and the pizza (I must satisfy my pizza craving soon) all appealed to me bigtime … no pretzels to salivate over, but I’ll bet they are good. Do you sense a carb/dough craving here? I’d have a difficult time picking what treats to eat too. The Irish pub sounds nice. Thanks for introducing us to Eric and Michelle.

      • I think you are right Diane! After a news story about how a guy was eating at a local Olive Garden and eating his minestrone soup and something scratched his mouth – he discovered a furry rat foot and claw in the soup. He pointed it out to the server who thought it was funny and said “we never serve meat in our minestrone soup.” Unbelievable – the guy had to have shots and has since had a stroke. I have to get my second hepatitis shot in November (it’s a two-part series) and I told myself I’m going to treat myself to a pizza … now maybe not. My mom and I went to the Olive Garden for lunch all the time.

  8. Oh, my gosh! I could spend an entire day grazing through North Market. What a unique place, and everything your photos showed looked mouthwatering. Can’t wait to see what you do with your purchases!

    • My husband already ate his ravioli. He just put spaghetti sauce on them. I can’t wait to make the gnocchi recipe and I will be sure to post it! I have no idea what I will do with my pasta yet.

  9. Food, food, food! I think this is so cool to have this place around! I am 100% sure that everything there I sooo delicious, because everything looks awesome! Your pics made me wanna try lots of items! Definitely would love to visit this market. So good that you went there! But I also thought that a market is a place where you can buy unprepared food, but not slices of pizza and other already cooked good looking and delicious things hahahah. But it is a great way to experience different flavors and cuisines without having to go to multiple locations.

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