Did You Know – Barbecuing Or Grilling

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Barbecuing and Grilling? I never really thought about it until I saw a post by mentalfloss.com.

I didn’t know barbecuing could be done on our grill, I thought that was grilling. So what is the basic difference between the two?

If you cook hot and fast, that is considered grilling. Food considered to be grilled would be food like burgers, hot dogs, beef, shrimp, chicken and vegetables. Grilling can be over the flame of gas or charcoal.

When you cook low and slow, that is considered barbecuing. Food considered to be barbecued would be food like ribs, pork shoulder and brisket. Barbecuing involves cooking meat over heat that is 225ºF – 275ºF for a long time, even up to 24 hours. Barbecuing usually is cooked slowly with wood smoke for a Smokey meat flavor.


Photo by Joshua Kantarges on Unsplash.com


  1. I had to build an Italian brick oven in the gardens vine court as insulated for heat to store 3 days and nights from one fire if careful. On falling heat bake bread .On full heat meat joints side of pig and such. Fast cooking in 700 f it is a real joy to cook in but care has to be taken with gloves made of raw hide and long handled tools . Takes a while to work it out but now any meal can be cooked in this oven . Can fit three good sized pitza and a joint of meat . Beat do pitza on low heat .Build up fire for joints . All learned skills . Love it .Friends all want same but it cost me over 1000 euro to build and it looks like the real thing .Sets off my vine yard kitchen well . Dry wood is the problem needs kiln dried .Can buy it only from one shop and it runs out fast.Make my own sun dried but shop bought is better really dry .I now buy six packs a time cost of 60 euro .Lasts month at every weekend party time .Or just now and again can see it lasting all summer . Cheaper and more effective and far more versatile than gas or charcoal grills .

  2. I did not know this. Thanks for the explainer! I’ll let the hubby know he is grilling burgers tonight not BBQ. 😆

  3. I never thought about the difference between grilling and barbecuing. My son has a “smoker.” Sounds like that would be barbecuing. It all tastes good to me!

    • Me too Tierney! Yet both can be done on the grill. To BBQ on the grill the meat gets set off to the side where there is no flame and that way it cooks low and slow.

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