Did You Know – Peeps

Peeps have been marketed since 1953 in the United States and in Canada.

When they were first made the chicks had wings.

They can be DEHYDRATED!

The eyes are made with a waxy substance, called carnauba, that is found in some shoe polishes and car waxes along with other candies.

Today there are over 40 different varieties of Peeps. An average of 5.5 million are made every day.

When Peeps were first made, they were formed by hand and took 27 hours to make, now it takes 6 minutes. Yellow was the original color.

In 2009 the company introduced Peeps Lip Balm. They then sold Peeps nail polish, wrist bands, umbrellas, plush toys, golf gloves, earrings, and necklaces.

There is a Peeps eating contest held every year, one winner ate 255 Peeps in five minutes!

A newspaper contest has readers submit photos of dioramas featuring Peeps. The winner wins two free inflatable life jackets.

There is a Peeps jousting contest where they put two Peeps Chics in the microwave and see which one gets bigger and deforms the other.

25-30% of Peeps lovers, prefer them stale over fresh.

Peepza is a dessert pizza made with Peeps and last but not least, there were blogs created entitled “101 Fun Ways to Torture a Peep.

Have a Peeps Good Day!


Source: Wikipedia & Mental Floss


  1. No never heard of them but do know the diary of Sam the man of that surname marked 1666 London England

  2. I’ve always felt that peeps were so cute, but never knew the history or their many imaginative uses. But, gotta say, biting into marshmallow always felt like taking a bite out of a pillow.

  3. I am one that likes the peeps stale. The staler, the better. I have never dehydrated peeps, but I bet I would like them. Probably too much! I wonder what the chicks looked like when they had wings. Thanks for your fun post!

  4. I can’t imagine the poop I’d have after eating 255 peeps in 5 minutes. 😆😂 But good for that winner!

  5. What a fun post about Peeps. Everything I never thought to ask about Peeps. Clearly Peeps have quite the following. The purple ones are a beautiful shade of purple!

  6. That was interesting – especially what the eyes are made of – yikes! I’ve eaten plenty of Peeps in my day and at the grocery store this morning, they, along with all the other Easter goodies, were going for great prices. I always wonder how Joey Chestnut can down all the hot dogs so quickly, but 255 Peeps in five minutes is just incredible! The contests regarding their demise … really?!

    • I thought it was interesting too Linda. I have eaten them my entire life and never knew that much about Peeps. 255 peeps is a ton! I watched a show on how these small people can eat so much during these silly contests. They said they drink as much water as they can at one time for a week before the contest to stretch out their stomach……dumb!

      • And the scratchy texture of Peeps from the sugar coating would feel like sandpaper on your throat after downing so many! Is that how they do it – drinking water to stretch their stomach. It does seem dumb and probably could hurt yourself doing that and force feeding yourself … then what?

  7. You won’t believe it Diane, but I’ve never eaten Peeps! Or never seen it either … but I read that you can find it for sale in the big cities in South Africa. Now that I’ve read the history of Peeps here in your post, I think it might be worth looking it up – it seems I’m missing out 😉!

    • I am not surprised you haven’t tasted them because the article said they were only sold in the US and Canada. They obvious have expanded since they wrote the article I read. Lol If you like marshmallows you may like them, however, they are encased in sugar so you probably wouldn’t as they are very sweet.

      • I definitely like marshmallows (even better on a stick over the flames of a fire 😄), but I think when they are sugar coated they might be a little too sweet!

      • They are very sweet and I agree with you about eating them over the fire! Years ago I was craving a fire roasted marshmallow so bad that I stuck it with a long handled fork and roasted it over the stove! We have even roasted them over the grill. 🤣

  8. I’ve never heard of these small wonders, they look so fluffy! Based on the color and texture, they’re probably not safe to eat. That man who ate that many must have been really hungry 😂

    • They are just marshmallows with sugar on them so they are safe to eat. The controversy is the dye in them, especially red dye. However, people still love them, including me! 🤣

      • Interesting facts, it is to be expected from the dyes, especially the red one, I believe the acid is extracted from female insects and is treated to produce carmine. 🤔

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