Happy Easter – April 9, 2023

Happy Easter Everyone!


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    • I know T had a blast! It looked like the Easter Bunny was good to him. I felt so guilty because I always have a huge egg hunt but since we didn’t have it here this year, the kids didn’t get one. I figured that was up to their parents from now on. What’s funny is they never mentioned it.

  1. Happy Easter to you and yours, Diane! I can only imagine an Easter Sunday feast at your house! BTW, I couldn’t get your (cherry) pie crust post to let me like or comment, but it’s definitely a recipe that I’m going to make. Hugs.

    • Thank you Kellye, due to some health issues I don’t have the energy to entertain family. Also, my dining room is being remodeled and the floor is tore up. We went to my 93 year old mother in laws. I made sure everyone brought food so all she had to do was a vegetable. I was nice we could all get together. I have been having so many issues with Jetpack and I am hoping I have it fixed now. Thank you for trying and letting me know. I hope your Easter was wonderful Kellye!

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