My Beautiful Pesky Blue Heron

Every spring at least one Blue Heron and Egret come to my two small ponds to feast on my fish, today was no exception. I gave up trying to save the fish, you can’t fight nature!

Thinking he can sneak by without me seeing him.

He found his spot at the end of one pond.

Maybe he can fool the fish to show themselves by yelling at them.

Head first into the water hoping for a free meal.

Hanging his head low with no success!

My pictures aren’t the best as I took them with my phone camera, through my dirty window and my pond isn’t very close.

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    • Thank you so much Vickie! He comes by the same time every morning. He should have been named the “King Fish” because of his I’m the King personality. Lol

    • You’re welcome. My chair sits right at the window with the bird feeder about 8 feet away. The ponds are straight back from the window about 75 feet and I can see about an acre from my chair too. About a month ago the biggest buck I have ever seen with the largest rack I have ever seen went running across our property. I wish it had stopped so I could have took a picture of it too.

  1. He might be pesky Diane but I find your images precious! What a beautiful bird and who doesn’t want a free meal. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, C

    • I actually hope he keeps coming back even after the fish are gone. He comes every day around 9:00am and is very flighty. I can only watch him from the house. We also get the egrets looking for a free meal and they are beauty too! Thank you Cheryl🥰

  2. These are such beautiful birds! What a treat to have them visit your home.

    Hope you have a nice Easter long weekend and a lovely time at your mother in law’s!

    • The ones we have had in the past are so much more of a gray color. This one had dark red spots on the wings too, which I have never seen before. I’m thinking this is a different variety than we usually get. Thank you June❤️

  3. Oh dear! He’s hungry! My Dad finally put a wire on top his pond. Heron still came back occasionally to check and see if the wire was gone.

    • I have spent years with plastic containers, netting, plants, styrofoam noodles and on and on. Too much work moving it all when I have to clean the filters. I will sit out and enjoy the sound of the water and the nature in my yard. Lol

  4. What great images, Diane. They are beautiful birds. I saw a couple in or near the ponds in Florida while I was there. They need to eat too, I guess. I’m sure your pond is still beautiful even without fish.

    • No fish less work! Hahaha I do enjoy watching the Blue Heron and Egrets, they are such a large bird compared to what comes to our bird feeders! Thank you Carla!

  5. Hihi 😅❤️.

    They’re also God’s creatures and we must turn a blind eye from time to time and allow them to eat.

    This reminds me of when my parents feed their birds and also other birds come along and they get annoyed until they enjoy the wild birds presence as well.

    It inforces a sense of community and love for what surrounds us. We must learn to share.

    Have a great weekend, Diane! 🌄

    • Haha you’re so funny Kellye. About 5 years ago, my daughter and I went to a painting class and we painted blue herons. After the class she gave me hers and I gave her mine. The reason we picked the blue heron is because the first year the blue heron showed up, my daughter saw it. My husband and I were still sleeping so when we got up, she said “Mom there was a pink flamingo at the ponds!” We have no idea where that came from but she swore it was. The next day he came back as a blue heron. 🤣

  6. You are providing a picnic meal (LOL). If it is for people, the guest list includes ants, bees, flies. The other day I had a hawk enjoy a meal outside my window, it would not have made good pictures.

    • Ewwwwwww! I was driving about a mile from our house and I saw a bald eagle swoop down and pick up an animal about the size of a small dog and it was in somebody’s yard! Now it could have been a woodchuck or something but it is getting tough out there! 🤣

  7. What a fun peak at nature! I have ponds near me and occasionally one visits. I have never seen more than one at a time. Territorial? I think your pictures turned out great!

    • It sure does. My husband cut the grass for the first time this year today. He said there is no grass, the skunks have completely dug holes all over the yard and the moles are overwhelmingly destroying the yard and my flower beds. We have 2-1/2 acres of yard so that’s how bad it is. I told him we must have a city of moles under the ground. I hope our house doesn’t cave in! 🤣

  8. Your pictures were great! What a creature – I’m envious, never having seen one, even from far away. The poor fish though….

    • Thank you Joni. When they first started coming it broke my heart watching them injure and devour some of the fish I have had for 5 years (8 years now). I bought feeder gold fish and grew them to where now we pick them up with two hands. I used to put children plastic pools in the basement and had to clean them out every 2-3 days, so much work. I finally said the heck with it and left them in the ponds during winter with air stones and they lived! So every year that’s what I did and still do. They just hibernate on the bottom. I have covered the fish with nets, floated plastic milk crates to hide in, bought plants and so on. I finally give up, the Blue Heron and Egrets win. Lol

  9. Well you mentioned this freeloader before Diane and now you finally got a picture of it. What a great shot of this heron dunking his head into YOUR pond – too bad he didn’t fall in! (Oops – did I say that?)

    • Hahaha I will be draining the ponds soon (with help of course) and see if any of the only four fish remain. It’s crazy how large yet slow they are when they walk, however, not so slow when they go head diving for food! 🤣

      • Yes, those big feet they have too! They always take such measured steps and sure, it is easy to dive in for a nice Koi fish. Then they spring to life!

  10. Diane, sorry I missed this post earlier. These birds are beautiful creatures, and you have some fabulous shots here. We have one that visits a couple of times a year at one of the water hazards at the nearby golf course. Sits on a rock and looks for some fish as well!

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