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With so many cooking competition shows on TV right now, it got me thinking about the Chefs hat because you don’t see the Chefs wearing the traditional hat any more.

Another name for the Chefs hat is Toque, which is Arabic for hat. The hats can say a lot about the Chefs style and personality in addition to their level of expertise.

Did you know that the pleats and height in a Chefs hat is significant? The taller a Chefs hat is, the more important the Chef is.

In addition to the height of the Chefs hat, the pleats were not just something to make the hat look detailed, they represented the number of recipes a Chef has mastered, 50 pleats meant 50 recipes.

Today the Chefs hat is pretty standard, between 9” – 12” tall with a generic number of pleats.

Now Chefs prefer a more modern hat like the Pill Box Hat.

Baseball Caps

Disposable Hats

Hair Nets

Most hats come in either white or black, however, some come in a range of colors for those Chefs that want to add color.

Originally the Chefs hat was always white as it signified cleanliness, was worn to complete the look of a Chef, to prevent hair from falling into the food and to absorb sweat from the forehead. 

The original Chef hats are reserved for the very experienced Chefs and are used mostly in fine dining restaurants now.

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  1. So, I guess, if we were still in the days of the “long hats”, your chef’s hat would probably hit the roof 😁. However, I can understand that the hats are a lot shorter these days, just think how you have to balance it between preparing all those wonderful dishes!

  2. Very interesting to learn more about the chef’s hat and the significance of the height and pleats, Diane. And how cool that the word toque is hat in Arabic.

    • I’ve been watching all these shows like Next Level Chef etc. and I was curious about it so I did some research. I thought the height of the hat and the pleats was so fascinating! Thank you Kellye🥰

  3. what a fun post and I remember when my step daughter was little – we got her an apron and little chef hat – it is fun to learn about the 50 pleats

  4. Thanks for the follow! This article brought back memories – I only ever got to wear a tall hat on my graduation day from culinary school. And being the youngest one in the kitchen I worked shortly after, I had to fetch Chefs apron and hat every day when he arrived.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Very interesting, Diane. My daughter did one year of hospitality at college before she switched courses and we had to buy a chef’s hat as part of her materials. I wonder what happened to that hat. I wonder if she knew the significance of it. Great share.

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