Easter Peeps S’mores

What a fun early Easter treat for the kids or you can make this with the leftover Easter candy after Easter. It took me longer to open the packages than it did to make these delicious nostalgic treats!

Place two full sized graham crackers on a microwave safe plate. Place two 1.2 oz. chocolate bunnies in the middles of the graham crackers.

Lay two bunny Peeps (not chicks) on top of each piece of chocolate.

I microwaved mine on high for 15 seconds or when the Peeps expanded twice their size.

Remove the plate from the microwave immediately, the Peeps will be gooey and start to decrease in size.

Quickly place another full sized graham cracker on top of the Peeps and press gently. Let them sit for 2 minutes to soften up the chocolate then enjoy!



  1. What a cute idea ! I worked with a girl once who loved Peeps, but liked them stale, so she’d buy a box, open them up and go back to eat them a few days later.

    • My grandkids aren’t here everyday like they were. Now we get them one at a time and I try to have my 8 year old grandson work on cooking of some sort, this was for him. My 11 year old granddaughter has lost some interest in cooking but turned to playing Yahtzee, Chinese checkers, Uno etc. Last week we must have played games for 2-3 hours, had supper and then had fun with a craft for another 2 hours. Thank you Linda❣️

    • OMG Me too!!!! But they have to be fresh, if they aren’t I microwave them. I even dehydrated them, they tasted like large Lucky Charms cereal marshmallows. Thank you! 🥰

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