Did You Know – Bundt Pan

I borrowed this tip from my Mother-in-Law.

She is 93 years young and invited us for dinner. She made this delicious Apple Bundt cake for dessert.

When we were getting up from the table, she handed me the Bundt cake pan. She said she puts the pan back on the cake upside down to keep it fresh, brilliant! The Bundt Cake is such an awkward shape to cover with plastic wrap.



  1. Great idea, Diane! I really appreciate your passing along these tips. They are always so easy and make life better. My favorite is wrapping celery in aluminum foil. I was so surprised at how well it worked.


  2. Yes and use it often at harvest time in orchard. Apple juice .Apple pies and Bundit cakes are ways to use what orchards give in abundance .Same all over English Speaking world id say. Stopping my blog this time as can use the time on more profitable hobbies .3 years of blogging made not a cent for me . Hike in cost of living factors in my mind the 70 odd euro a year can be used in better ways .


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