Holiday Pumpkin Roll

I had to re-share my annual HOLIDAY PUMPKIN ROLL. This is a Libby’s Pumpkin Roll recipe and it is the best I have ever tasted.

A Pumpkin Roll is pumpkin cake that is covered with a cream cheese filling, rolled up, dusted with powdered sugar and sliced.

It freezes well so I like to make it ahead of time, thaw it early and add powdered sugar just before serving.

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. I’m glad you reshare this every autumn Diane. It looks so yummy. And I love that the rolling technique can apply to other types of cake rolls too!

    • You can’t wreck the taste. If it cracks patch it up with the cream cheese filling. My very first one wasn’t rolled tight enough but it still tasted good and yours will too! Give it a try.

      • I will! I tried to do this a few time with my mom a few years ago and her looked great but mine was a mess. I watched a video and they used plastic wrap to it fold over but it made it hard for me. I was pretty awkward I must say! lol

      • I find the powdered sugar covered kitchen towel to be the easiest. The cake sticks to the towel just enough to get a tight roll and it comes off without sticking to where it ruins the cake. It gets easier and easier each time you make it.

  2. Haha, I like the finger hole … that’s now what you call thorough testing 😉. And anything that has Philadelphia cheese in, should taste great! Oh Diane, you make it look so easy … but I have my doubts – that “flipping out of the pan manoeuvre” might change the look of my Pumpkin roll completely!!

    • That’s why I get my hubby to hold one side and we do the 1-2-3 count and try to flip together. It is a lot of steps but a lot of fun too. Just make your first one for yourself. Even if it cracks, paste it together with the cream cheese as it will still taste amazing!

  3. Looks good! The next time I travel home I am going to post a photo of my mom’s roll cake so you can see it, Diane. My mom uses a recipe that goes a generation or two. My grandmother could make it. My mom can make it, but everyone else in the family who has tried, has failed. And usually to the degree where we are all looking at each other wondering who will be the first to say something. It’s an easy recipe, seemingly, but the family has conceded, the day my mom stops baking it, will be the end of the road for the cake.

    • Oh that makes me so happy! It’s really not difficult but the secret is learning to roll it tightly. I remember my first one, I didn’t roll it tight enough and it had space between each roll. But you know what? It tasted as good as they do now that I roll them tight.

  4. I know they are tastier than pumpkin pie in my opinion … my mom and I used to get ours at Kroger in later years. We had a friend of the family that alternated between making pumpkin rolls and jelly rolls and often dropped them off at the house. Good eatin’!

      • Yes, for sure – I like pumpkin roll better too. Kroger used to carry some items not available in other stores back in the day – one was pumpkin roll and Honeycrisp apples comes to mind.

  5. I really need to try this again, Diane. I do love it, but I didn’t do a good job making the roll and it broke, although it still tasted good. I need to follow directions better.

    • You will catch on, the first few you make are what I call the figuring it out process. If it breaks just glue them together with the cream cheese filling and you’re right, it doesn’t matter how it looks because it will still taste great!

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