Did You Know – Soap Suds

I can remember my Grandmother asking me what temperature the water should be, hot or cold, to dissolve the leftover dish soap suds that were left in the sink when I finished her dishes.

I told her cold and stood there spraying the cold water over the suds until they got smaller and finally went down the drain.

Just by luck, a few years later, I accidentally figured out an immediate way to eliminate the suds and to help sanitize the sink at the same time.

I sprayed the top of the sink with my magic potion. As you can see the suds disappeared and the rest are still there.

How did I do this? I poured rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and sprayed it on the suds. It eliminates the suds instantly!

We have had a large spray bottle filled with RUBBING ALCOHOL under our kitchen sink for years. When my kids were little I named it “Suds Be Gone”.


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    • That is where I first discovered it worked. Whenever I get into poison ivy, I wash my hands and arms really well causing a lot of suds. Then I spray rubbing alcohol all over my hands and arms to allow the oil to be wiped off with paper towel. I rarely get poison ivy this way. Anyhow, the first time I sprayed the rubbing alcohol, it fell on the suds and and they disintegrated.

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