Did You Know – When Oil Is Hot Enough

Do you know how to check to see if the oil is hot enough without using a thermometer? Check out my short video and learn what I frequently use to check my oil by clicking HERE.


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  1. This is a great trick and one I use at home too, especially when deep frying. I’m glad your husband is useful for something! 😂

  2. Hmm – you enlighten us here every day Diane. I am going to enlighten you with some info I heard the other day. You can just delete this info/comment after you read it. I tried to send a link to the audio file but could not. Anyway, the Bloomberg Business Report said that butter is going to go up in price doubling, if not tripling, as we enter the holiday season and unbelievably stores may consider having a locking refrigerated case to keep it in! I know you said you only cook with butter (if memory serves me correctly), so you might want to have Terry grab a few extra pounds every time he does the grocery shopping. (I am 8 days behind here and tonight we’re having bad storms, so trying to catch up a bit this morning.)

    • We are headed to Sam’s Club soon and I already have it on my list. I heard the same thing about the price and possibly not finding it. We plan on getting most of my baking needs. Yes I ONLY cook and bake with butter. Thank you for the heads up though.

      • You’re welcome Diane. Good thing you heard about it already. Same with my mom – she did not use margarine. We’d have sweet butter in the cupboard to make it spreadable. If I have butter, it means I need to take it out of the fridge 30 or 45 minutes sooner to be able to spread it on bread, so I just use Benecol. Best to get all your baking needs for the holidays early … supply chain shortages are still happening at my Meijer.

        I heard that Kroger will merge with another grocery store (Albertson’s) which they say is good. I’ve never heard of that store before.

  3. I meant to add this info from a 09/23/22 article that I found when Googling to find the butter info:

    “The price of butter was up 24.6 percent over the 12 months ending in August, according to the Wall Street Journal, a shocking increase that was nearly double the increase of U.S. grocery prices overall over the same period – which itself was 13.5 percent, the largest annual increase since 1979.”

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