It’s Friday What’s For Dinner 7-1-22

Anyone that makes a homemade dinner is welcome to type the name of one recipe prepared in the comments, then we can all scroll through the comments for recipe ideas. This will be a weekly Friday post and only recipes on the Friday posts will be allowed.

If someone wants your recipe and asks there will be no pressure to share it, it’s up to you. I will accept links, but only to the recipe, however it may take me a few days to approve it so I can make sure the link is legitimate and not spam. NO SPAM WILL BE ALLOWED, ONLY RECIPES OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.

I find the hardest part of making dinner isn’t the process, but figuring out what to make. So go ahead and post ONE RECIPE ONLY EACH FRIDAY in the comments or feel free to just read what others have made. Either way, I hope we all get some great ideas to make our meal planning easier.

I will not be commenting on your ”It’s Friday What’s For Dinner” recipe as this is your recipes to share with everyone.

My “It’s Friday What’s For Dinner” in the picture above is LEMON LOAF. If you like lemon you have to try this! Not only does the loaf have a lemon flavor in it, but then you make a lemony glaze that gets drizzled over top!


  1. There is a cake on the photo? Yummy! Haven’t seen a cake during the last six months, as i always leave the room when someone is putting one on the table. My mantra: “Lead me not into temptation!” :-)) Best wishes for a wonderful weekend! xx Michael

  2. Turkey burgers tonight…
    1 pound ground turkey
    1/2 cup plain bread crumbs
    1 egg
    1/4 cup GOOD barbecue sauce
    3/4 cup shredded carrots
    Salt and pepper to taste.
    Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. Form the mix into patties,
    I normally make 4 of them.
    Cook outside on a grill or in a frying pan, if you’re inside, turning once.
    About 3 minutes on a side should do it, but longer for very well done.
    Serve on a bun with some slaw. Easy, fast, delicious and low fat to boot!
    (By the way, the lemon loaf looks great!)

  3. I had lettuce from my own garden, my first feed of it, and it was wonderful – so fresh and full of flavor. I wish I knew what kind it was, as I planted five types, and the seed packets blew away but I think it was some kind of buttercrunch I think. Otherwise supper was fish and chips, as it was Friday.

    • That sounds wonderful Joni, I was surprised to see my husband didn’t plant any this year. I love wilted lettuce with bacon and a sugar & vinegar dressing.

      • Oh that sounds good! I haven’t heard of that in years. My lettuce crop was better last year, but we haven’t had enough rain and it was too cold earlier on so some didn’t come up. It was impossible to find seedlings so I had to use seeds.

  4. Oh boy, does that bring back memories! My father-in-law was diabetic and my mother-in-law made a diabetic-friendly version of a lemon loaf that was absolutely delicious. He was never without is lemon loaves!
    My recipe this week is an old favorite: chicken cutlets. I cheat now and use the tenders instead of pounding and cutting the breast meat (much less work!). I always trim off that ugly white tendon-like piece on the chicken, too.
    Ingredients: chicken tender’s from the meat section of your grocery store, as many pkgs as you like; 2 beaten eggs to start (you can always beat more if needed); seasoned breadcrumbs, grated parmesan or Romano cheese, oil.
    Cut off any excess stringy stuff from the tenders and pat dry. In a medium bowl combine breadcrumbs with a generous handful of grated cheese (believe me, the cheese makes the difference; no more bland cutlets!). Beat eggs in medium size bowl. In a large skillet heat about 1″ oil over med-hi heat. Dip tenders completely in beaten egg, then cover well with breadcrumb mixture. Place into oil and fry until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Season with S&P if necessary. I usually serve these with mashed potatoes or rice pilaf and some type of green veggie. We love these little babies and the leftovers are great cold right out of the fridge. Don’t forget the cheese!

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