My Treasured Wisteria

I love our 50 feet of gigantic purple and pink Wisteria flowers that encase the arbor that my husband and I built over 25 years ago. They are still not fully open, however, it is supposed to rain today and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to share their beauty. I apologize for sharing these gorgeous beauties every year but they are just too stunning not to share. Weather permitting, they only last about a week.

If you look all the way to the end of our arbor, you can see that the flowers go the full length. The flowers have just started opening so weather permitting, they will get even more beautiful.

Our arbor is tall enough to walk under. If you would like to see my post of the Wisteria in full bloom from a few years ago click HERE.

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  1. One of my favorite memories…our family home when I was a kid…in the heart of a factory neighborhood. When we moved in, the first thing my mom started was wisteria along the fence that divided fron and back yards.

    • I bet that was beautiful. Years ago I trained a pink vine and a purple vine into wisteria trees. When they bloomed they were stunning with people stopping on the road to look at them. Keeping them upright got to be too much even though the trunk was a good foot around. We pounded huge poles in the ground with heavy chains to keep everything upright. A vine is a vine and with nothing to attach to like the fence or arbor, they won’t stay upright. We remove both of them and we still get runners growing in the grass.

  2. You live in a nation that can grow them. Here in Northern Europe sharing that Baltic with Sweden across other side I searched for years and came up with Blue Moon Wisteria that survives minus 30c winters .I bought two and are just in bed as we speak .One hopes for great things .Yours have a short flowering season but are lovely thank you dear

    • I hope yours grows to be just as beautiful as these are. The flowers don’t last long but the twisting of the vines and the way the vines completely encased the arbor makes it beautiful all year long. Thank you Kevin. ❤️

    • Wow that’s awful! It is raining right now and I need to do all my bird feeding, fish feeding and filter cleaning. Looks like I will be getting wet. Lol I hope you get rain soon. Thank you!

  3. Just wow!! That’s truly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time 😮. I would park my bed under that lovely Wisteria arbor until the flowers are gone!

    • It is fun to stand or sit by them because the bee activity is amazing. The arbor is so tall and full of vines that have turned to wood that the birds love to make nests in it. We get yelled at by them when we walk through the arbor. Thank you!

  4. Beautiful! This is my first year reading your blog so I have not seen any of these pictures before. I also clicked on your link from a few years ago. You have my admiration for sticking to this and training the vines. Especially when they only flower for a week or so! Truly beautiful and thanks for sharing. We all don’t spend ALL our time in the kitchen, huh???

    • Thank you Mitzy. There have been a few years I didn’t get any flowers and I was so disappointed. It’s funny because I don’t fertilize them all I do is keep them pruned so we can walk under them, except when the flowers are there. Most of the flowers are about 18” or more long. Lol

  5. Lovely Diane, it really is beautiful in this perfect setting on an arbor. These are my husband’s favorite flowers, but one must be careful. The previous owners of my Victorian house planted these around the porch, and it is at the absolute northern most where it should live. In our climate, 30 years ago it wasn’t a problem, and didn’t set a lot of flowers. But with climate change and everything warming, it has been a battle to keep this plant from eating our house! We actually dug it all out about 10 years ago, but obviously did not get it all, and it is back, creeping between the porch floor boards. Ugh.

  6. It deserves to be posted every year–so gorgeous! You were smart to take pictures when you could. My new-to-us house has a beautiful blooming tree with pink blossoms. I put off taking pictures until it had more fully opened blossoms. The wind snatched them away! I’ll be ready next year!

    • Oh no! The darn wind always ruins the flowers. We are being invaded with the helicopters from our two huge maple trees and they keep filling up my ponds and gutters. They are everywhere this year. Thank you Linda. ❤️

    • Yes it would be perfect. I have a friend that is a photographer and she brought a wedding party here to shoot pictures one year. It was a pain for me because I had to make sure the yard was perfect. She offered to pay me but she’s my friend of 38 years, no way!

  7. What beautiful petals and a gorgeous tree filled with character and personality!

    The fact they’re around only for such a short time is a reminder to us to enjoy the here and now. I’m glad you keep sharing them every year. Must be such a treat to look forward to!

  8. They are absolutely glorious! Wouldn’t it be lovely to see a bride and groom walk through the wisteria on their wedding day? What a gorgeous sight, even if only for a week. Enjoy their beauty! 💕

    • When I planted them I thought they would hang down on the inside. There are so many vines on top that the flowers go along the outside and on top but it is still so beautiful. Thank you!

  9. Never apologize for sharing these photos of your beautiful Wisteria Diane. They are pretty and you can see all the work that went into training them to look like they do now.

    • Thank you. We get so much wind where we live and it seems like every year, after 2 beautiful days of blooms the wind and rain come, every year. We are surrounded by fields and I swear it i always windy.

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