Valentine Cut Out Sugar Cookies

This is the Cut Out Sugar Cookie recipe I have used for decades. These cookies always taste great, hold the cut out shape and are delicious to eat frosted or unfrosted. I made these Valentine cookies using royal frosting with the help from my granddaughter.

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. I do love sugar cookies and these look better than my store bought ones. Your granddaughters frosting designs are lovely. 💕

  2. Diane – these cookies remind me of my mom who made me cut-out and icened/sprinkled cookies from when I was a child to an adult every holiday. WordPress is wild and wonky and I’m unable to leave a comment last nite – hope this goes thru.

      • Oh great – I want to read your other comment about having computer issues … I tried last night to post comments in Reader and the “like” was flashing as it is now and comment disappeared and just now I did your comment, but it ended up on Andy’s site. She did make me cookies like that up until I was older. 🙂

      • I had typed up my recipe card which takes time and it wouldn’t save. I had to redo the entire thing. Such a waste of time. I am having carpal tunnel surgery on my first hand and I am trying to get a bunch of posts ready for my down days.

      • It is annoying to type and it is lost – especially if it’s a comment and it goes into cyberspace. Oh, that will make you down for a while. Are you going to have a note so people know and won’t expect a response from you – do that so you don’t strain your hand. My mom had the surgery back around 2000, but I am sure things are improved by now.

      • If I can get a weeks worth of posts ready to send I should be OK. If it’s a problem after that I will just repost some of my older recipes. This surgery is my left hand, it’s the next one that will be awful since I’m right handed. The right hand is severe and I should be able to get that one done in 4-6 weeks if the left hand heals good. If I have trouble responding I will post about it. Thank you Linda.

      • Good luck – I’ll be thinking of you. My mom rushed things and insisted on making a pumpkin pie for Canadian Thanksgiving, so she had her surgery on her right (dominant) hand in late August. I said “you get it ready, I’ll put it in/out of the oven” – this was on Sunday, the day before Thanksgiving. “Oh no – I’m fine, no problem.” The heavy Pyrex dish moved on the cookie sheet and the hot pie came crashing to the floor – I was at work. By the Grace of God, she did not burn her legs. So be careful lifting heavy things from the oven especially if you’re other hand is awaiting surgery.

      • Oh I definitely will, I have so much trouble now I have to have Terry do my lifting. I drop things all the time now and I ruined my beautiful hummingbird dish and the food that was in it. Your mom sure was lucky not to get burnt!

      • Yes, my mom was lucky to not get burned. Are you dropping things as you have no feeling in your hand(s)? That was my mom’s issue. She knit for years and years – no issues with her hands, but then she made my grandmother two afghans, and one for my mom and me as well. My mom never knit large items like this, mostly baby outfits for friends or sweaters, mitts/scarf sets for me. This contributed to her carpal tunnel, plus she started using a cane – more trouble. Good thing Terry does the grocery shopping for you.

      • The surgeon said the tunnel thingy was extremely thick taking up the room of the nerves and tendons. I have lost strength, have pain and just unable to hold onto things. Hopefully this will fix all that. 🤞🏻

      • I hope this is a good fix for both hands. I wondered if you had done a lot of lifting, working out in the garden as you’re so active with your garden, working with the wisteria, even hauling in all your produce. Well at least they explained it to you.

  3. So sweet. Decorating with your granddaughter brought back memories of K and 1st grade Valentine parties. I always had a mom willing to make the cookies and then we provided sprinkles, icing, etc. for decorations. It was a great activity that the kids all loved.

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