Peanut Butter & Chocolate Star Cookies

A soft peanut butter cookie with a milk chocolate star makes for a great Christmas cookie. If you can’t find chocolate stars at the store, use a Hershey Kiss. Roll the peanut butter dough into a ball, roll it in sugar and bake. Take it out of the oven and press the chocolate star into the center and let cool.

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. They look lovely and I was wondering where you’d get these chocolate stars too. I wonder if I’ll have to drive to our Amish village (2 hours away called St Jacob’s) for these too.

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    • Hahaha hopefully not. They are made by Brach’s candy. Although I always pick up mine at Amish country my followers said they get their’s at Target, Wal-Mart and grocery stores. They said at Christmas they are with the holiday baking ingredients. Others said they found them in the bulk candy aisle.

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    • Ab – I saw your comment while scrolling to leave my comment. I grew up in Canada but lived in the U.S. for 55 years. When I was a kid they had either Rowntree’s or Jersey Milk chocolate stars … a long time ago. I visited St. Jacob’s once and stayed at Jacobstettel. The owner was very nice and it was such a cozy little place to stay.

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  2. All these goodies as Christmas nears – nothing better than Christmas goodies. I don’t know how I wasn’t fat with all the treats at the holidays. And my mom had her fruitcake she nibbled on and a friend of the family always sent a big Babka … how did we button our pants?


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