Nutter Butter Santa Cookies

These cookies won’t win any contest, but it was sure a lot of fun helping my grandkids make these Santa cookies, they get first place in my eyes. We used Nutter Butter Cookies and dipped both ends in melted white chocolate. We immediately sprinkled red sugar on one end for the hat. The melted white chocolate also served as the glue for the candy eyes, mini M & M nose and the pearl candies on the hat. I have seen pictures of Nutter Butter Cookies made all different ways, even as reindeer. So let the kids use their imagination and then eat their creation.


  1. How cute! I love these and Nutter Butters are flat, so like a canvas for your creativity. Don’t let the squirrels know I never made them Nutter Butter Santas – I’ll never live it down.

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