Happy 40th Birthday To My Son!

Today we celebrated a beautiful and fun day at my son and daughter-in-laws house to celebrate my sons 40th birthday. Do you see the Blackstone Griddle in the background? He made us pancakes, bacon and hash browns on it while his wife made biscuits, scrambled eggs and sausage gravy in the house.

My daughter-in-law also made these delicious Bloody Mary drinks before we ate. They were loaded with olives, cheese, bacon, salami, lime, celery and a cute little umbrella to top it off.

We gave my son a bunch of fun things because he likes to grill so much.

The grilling tool kit is for camping and all the spices and rubs for wherever he want’s to use them. He’s a chip off the old block with his love of cooking.

Happy Birthday!


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  1. Happy Birthday to your son!! What a gorgeous day for a celebration and those Bloody Marys sound like they pack a punch. That’s my drink of choice but I’ve never had one so fully loaded! 🍹

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  2. Happy birthday to your son – a 40th birthday for your son and your daughter big graduation so a monumental 2022 for your kids. You’re right, a chip off the old block, who got his love of grilling/cooking from you.

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  3. Happy big 4-0 to your son, Diane! He looks so much like you! And he is cute! 😉

    The meal sounded yummy! I am trying to envision a drink with bacon, salami and cheese. How did your daughter in law make it?

    The gift you gave looks awesome. I bet the camper and cook in him will absolutely put it to good use!

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    • So does that mean I’m cute too? 🤣 It was a fabulous meal Ab. All the food pieces in the Bloody Mary are put onto a toothpick and they used a spicy Bloody Mary mix. He did really like the gifts, did you see the name of the seasoning in the back? I tried to semi block the swear word. Lol

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      • Yes you are! 😊 Ok, that makes sense re: food pieces on toothpick. I though it was blended into the drink! I went back to look at the gift photo and saw the word. Love it!


  4. Happy Birthday to your son! What a fun day you had and such a delicious breakfast celebration!
    You have had quite a year with your daughter’s graduation and now your son is 40! How can that be? You and I are only 39!

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