Did You Know-Ice Cream

Have you ever taken Ice Cream out of your freezer, that was already opened, and find it covered in ice crystals?

The reason ice crystals form is as simple as air between the lid and the ice cream.

How do you keep your Ice Cream from forming ice crystals?

Simply smooth out the top of the Ice Cream then place a piece of waxed paper on top. Rub the waxed paper against the Ice Cream and put the top of the carton back on, it’s that simple.


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  1. Thanks for the tip.

    And here, once again I have to type in my name, email address, website and log into WP after just doing so and clicking remember me yesterday grrr!!!!!

    • Have you contacted WP yet? I know there are sites I have always had to do that to also and the remember me button never works. I always assumed it was a button they added but I haven’t added anything different to my site.

      • I did put the question forth today to the WP forum. That’s the option of help I could find.

        I hope my site isn’t that tedious.

      • Things now work better, from time to time, then yesterday, I posted a comment on a blog and WP set up the comment as if it was posted by an anonymous person. I have no idea what causes such technical issues in WP but a blog I read yesterday referenced how many people leave WP due to all the technical issues. I guess we should celebrate the times things do work here 🙂 I appreciate the WP community so will stay with it.

  2. Wow, that’s really good advice! I had no idea about why the crystals formed. I will definitely be putting some wax paper on top of my ice cream tub.

  3. Yes, the dreaded ice crystals – I did not know that Diane. And how do you keep bread from getting that sometimes icky taste and smell from being in the freezer. I used to buy bagels when they were BOGO and put the second one in the freezer – I ate them, but they had a funny taste.

      • I have actually had Pepperidge Farm and Brownberry last two, almost three weeks past the due date in the fridge. I used to buy bagels for Winter and freeze them. My canary and I shared one every day – this was so I didn’t have to go shopping in the Winter. But they always had a funny smell. They toasted up fine and no funny taste, but the smell could turn you off. I would take one out of the freezer every morning and let it defrost. After I lost Buddy, I switched to crackers.

  4. Ummm… My ice cream doesn’t last long enough to form ice crystals. I have seen them on top of ice cream in “other peoples” freezer. I don’t remember when, or who’s freezer, but it “was” chocolate. I say “was” because I probably ate it.

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