Turkey Cooking Facts & Safety

I want to reblog this post in hopes it will make a safer Thanksgiving for you and your family.

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      • Thanks Diane. We had Thanksgiving a month ago here in Canada. Shockingly, T now asks for Turkey. Oh all the meats to ask for he had to choose the one that’s complicated to make. 😆

      • I agree and I do look forward to it. My grandkids are starting to say not rigatoni again! So now I am coming up with a simple meal I know they love, he can make and I still get a break. I had him make taco quesadillas last week and everyone was happy.

      • That is how I have always done it. I put enough cooked meat (white and dark) in a bread bag then in a freezer bag. It seems to keep from freezer burn that way. However, we were gifted 2 fresh turkeys! I am going to cook one tomorrow but the other one I am experimenting with. I cut it apart and froze the entire breast in one double bag. Not sure what’s I will do with it yet. Then I froze one leg, thigh and wing in their own bags. I may use them to make soup, not sure yet.

  1. Good to educate people. So I have to tell you the first time I made a Thanksgiving turkey on my own, I did not realize there was a giblets package at the back of the turkey and I did not remove it. Yes I stuffed and baked the turkey with a plastic package of giblets inside…but everything turned out okay (or everyone recovered from plastic poisoning eventually lol.

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