Crisco Single Pie Crust

If you have had trouble making a pie crust or just never tried, start with this one. It really is the easiest and only one I have ever made.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.

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      • Now that you say that, I do recall my grandmothers pouring the melted Crisco back into the can for reuse for frying. They had a can for baking and a can fro frying.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Diane! As someone who always uses pre-made pie crust, I’ll have to give this a try one day.

    Is this a hint of what you’re making for Thanksgiving?

  2. Diane, when I was growing up my mother always used the Crisco recipe and her pie crust was great, always light and flaky, but inevitably it would always make my face break out. Even in my advanced non-teenage middle age. She doesn’t bake anymore and I buy my crust – generic grocery store brand.

    • Awe what a shame Joni but I think the pie is about what is put in the crust that makes the pie. Although I think this is the best pie crust I wish we could make it with just the filling. Lol I wonder what it is that you are sensitive too? So you don’t have any problem with the generic brand?

      • Yea, it’s strange, but Crisco is pure lard, whereas the generic pre-made filling is more canola oil I think – I’ll have to check the list out more when I buy one next. It said Simple ingredients on the packaging.

      • PS. You’re right the filling is the key! Lately I’ve been making apple pies with just the top crust to cut down on the cholesterol and don’t notice much difference. Kind of like making crustless quiche.

      • I grease the pie plate with a bit of butter, add the apples and sugar and cinnamon and just put the top crust on, after defrosting it, fluting it to the edge of the pie plate. You don’t even miss the bottom crust. For the quiche I don’t bother with any crust, top or bottom, I just put on the ingredients in the quiche pan. Same thing, no one misses the crust, unless I guess you’re a crust person. I had my cholesterol tested in June and it was borderline, so I find ways to cut corners, plus it justifies adding a small scoop of vanilla ice cream to the warm pie!

      • PS. I use spy apples and there’s so much juice in them that there’s no problem getting it out of the pan with that spatula/triangle/flipper thing. I couldn’t find spies this year, so used Ida Red’s and Empire and they were just as good.

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