Happy Halloween & Happy Birthday

As the children dress up in their costumes and go trick or treating for candy this Halloween Day, we also celebrate the birthday of my Dad, youngest Grandson and Cousin. Tomorrow is my Husbands birthday and Thursday is my Mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday to my birthday family and Happy Halloween to everyone else.


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  1. I wish your hubby and beloved mom a very happy birthday.God bless them and the members of the family abundantly.Take care.💐🥀🎂🎻🎵🌷🎈🌹✨💗🙏😊

  2. Wow, a lot of reasons to celebrate! Happy birthdays to all your loved ones and have a great Halloween with your grandkids!

  3. Its a Birthday Marathon. If your maternal grandmother were alive you could add one more as her birthday would be next Sunday on the 7th. Happy Halloween to my wonderful daughter. Love you to the oven and back.

      • My mother n law has a bday a couple of days after Xmas and her anniversary was a day after that (but they divorced) anyhow – it was a terrible time for two extra things to celebrate – but I guess the trick is to make it all
        Work so the treats are not lost – which is to celebrate the people we love – right?

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