The New Tortilla Wrap

Have you seen the new way to wrap a tortilla? I think it went viral on TikTok but I have seen it in magazines and on Facebook too so I had to try it.

Lay the tortilla on your plate and slice from the center out.

Place the most solid ingredient to the right of the cut,

I put potato here. Then add the rest of the

ingredients in the other sections.

I folded the potatoes over and onto the sausage.

Then I folded it over the egg.

Last fold goes over the cheese.

The finished product looks nice but I found it necessary to use a toothpick to hold the cheese side closed as the cheese wanted to fall out. I could have used a slice of cheese to solve this issue.

By the time I put it all together and since the cheese wasn’t touching any hot food, the cheese didn’t melt making it necessary to microwave. My husband didn’t mind and he said it was very good.

Will I use this method in the future? No, I will continue with the traditional rolled tortilla but if you are the kind of person that can’t figure out how to make it the traditional way, this would be a great way for you.


  1. Interesting! I had not seen this method before! To me, part of the fun is the mix of flavours and textures, so, I am not immediately excited by this but happy to give it a go once!

    • It may be for some people, just not me! I just made more than 30 breakfast tortillas wrapped the traditional way and froze them. You couldn’t freeze them easily this new way.

  2. How clever Diane! The kids will love this and it seems less messy. How in the world do you think of these things? I’m just trying to get through the day. Thanks for the new take on taco Tuesday! Warmly, C

  3. Interesting. I guess it would be helpful for people who don’t like their foods mixed together or touching. But like you, I’d rather it all be together. 🙂

    On another recipe…..if I added mushrooms to the pizza roll, would I cook them first with the onions? …or put in raw?

  4. I’m apparently out of the loop, Diane. This is all news to me. It looks nice and neat, but if the cheese isn’t melting that’s a deal breaker for me. Thanks for sharing your food trend discoveries so I’m not completely stuck in the 20th century. LOL!

  5. Those Tik Tokers are always trying new things out! I think this is quite cool and will have to try it out! 😊 I can imagine some pragmatic challenges though but I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Think cold cuts, BLT’s, even pizza. I just happen to be making a massive amount of breakfast wraps for the freezer and tried one this way. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

  6. I haven’t seen this yet. It’s definitely very interesting! But I agree with you and think I’ll stick to the original tortilla. I like my cheese very melted. 😁

  7. I must agree, it looks kind of fancy! But usually when I’m making a tortilla wrap, I’m so hungry that all those new folding techniques would just confuse me … I’ll stick to the ‘old fashioned way’ 😊.

    • You can even make it with pizza items like cheese, pepperoni, sauce etc. You can even combine two or more ingredients in one triangle. Or make a cold cut wrap with cheese, meat, condiment, onion etc. It is so simple to do especially if you don’t have to cook all of the ingredients like I did.

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