Easy Fruit Infused Alcohol

Now that it is fruit season and fruit is at its peak of flavor, give this Fruit Infused Alcohol a try. Use this with your favorite drinks, serve to your guests or better yet, this makes for a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for the person that has everything.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


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  1. Oh this would make the perfect Christmas present for my sister and for a friend. I am definitley giving this a go later in the year – many many thanks!!! 😊

    PS: Once it’s made, how long is it’s shelf-life?


      • When I was a kid, a neighborhood kid had an above-ground pool in the backyard. Her parents still wanted their fruit and vegetable gardens so the pool took up lots of space, so they planted near and around it. We used to sit in the pool and reach out and pick blueberries … I haven’t thought of that in years and it seems like we had a supply of them most of the Summer. My neighbor’s small magnolia tree has blossomed for the third, maybe fourth time this year!


      • Oh my I bet you went swimming all the time there! Wow, what in the world is that kind of magnolia tree? Here they only blooms in the spring and only once. When my grandma was alive I used to cut her grass and she had a huge magnolia tree. I hated when it bloomed and dropped it’s flowers because I had to rake them up before I could cut the grass!

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      • Diane – yes, it was great that Summer. It was an above-ground pool, but fairly big. Just reach over, sweet berries. 🙂 I don’t know what type of magnolia tree, but it’s been there, and a smaller one in the background, for years and the last few years, it has bloomed multiple times … that’s unusual. I’ve seen those big magnolia trees and they are gorgeous but look good for a few days, then a big wind comes along and all the petals end up on the ground. I would be mad too!


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