Easy Mulberry Cobbler

After more than 20 years of putting up with messy wild Mulberry trees, I finally decided to do something about it, I made Mulberry Cobbler! The best part about making this was the quality time with my granddaughter collecting the Mulberries!

This recipe is so different to make. The cake batter is poured onto the bottom of the pan then everything else goes on top including the boiling water! As it cooks, the cake batter rises up to cover most of the Mulberries but still leaves the delicious Mulberry filling in tact!

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.



    • Haha yes the Genius Kitchen! Let me know how it taste with the blackberries. When we moved in here, almost 30 years ago, we had wild blackberries along an overgrown section of the neighbors fence but the weeds killed them off.

  1. It looks delicious and you really do have an abundance of mulberries. I can see why you have birds migrating to your home! And a wonderful bonding activity with your granddaughter indeed!

    • Thank you Ab. My grandchildren are growing up way too fast. My 6 year old grandson told me today he want to get rid of the bunk bed, that sleeps all three grandkids, and rearrange the bedroom with twin beds. I told him there wasn’t enough room in there and he would have to get rid of ALL of HIS toys. Each grandchild has their own toy box. He told me we can get rid of the old wooden toy box, that one is his sisters! Lol

      • A big milestone but a sad one for sure. And of course he’d volunteer getting rid of his sisters wooden toy box. Haha. 🤣

  2. Love this recipe!! I will have to buy frozen mulberries (they’re not in season here in South Africa), but I’m definitely going to try this … it looks delish!!
    And what wonderful fun you and your granddaughter had in the garden – creating special memories ❤️.

  3. Looks so good! For a few years I have been walking at a park. There was a tree near the entrance that was beautiful for shade and had small berries on it…no one ever noticed. Then one day, I walked by several Chinese women gathering the mulberries to make jam. I talked to them and tasted one. They then took me up the walking path about twenty yards and showed me another tree that everyone ignores and it was a white mulberry tree…if only we had known sooner!

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