Freezer Mulberry Jam

It’s that time of the year again, mulberries are everywhere! This is one fruit I have plenty of to share with the birds. This is such an easy jam to make once you pick your mulberries, purple hands are a given!

Easy Freezer Mulberry Jam is made with fresh or frozen mulberries, sugar, lemon juice and liquid pectin. A delicious jam you don’t usually see in the stores. The mulberry trees grow wild in our yard and picking them can be done by hand or by placing a sheet of plastic under a branch and shaking the branch so the berries fall onto the plastic. Homemade freezer jams are so easy and cheap to make and you can’t beat the flavor.

To view the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click here.


  1. My father was addicted to mulberries. He would take a walk through our neighborhood in the East End of Bridgeport, CT…just reach (or over a fence) to sample every mulberry tree hanging over purple sidewalks.

  2. It must be so nice to be able to just draw from your own garden to create things like jam! And bonus that there’s enough to share with the birds. This jam looks lovely, purple hands and all!

    • This year we have had so many birds make nests in our large and blue spruce trees. The black birds even attacked the blue heron and egret that tried to eat my pond fish…lol They never came back to the pond after that. So with all those birds comes all that poop! And not just poop, purple poop from eating all the mulberries. There is purple poop on my windows, house, bench, chairs and cabana. I am tempted to stop feeding them so they leave. It reminds me of the old show “The Birds” (before your time). As for my blueberries…..I don’t have a chance this year. I have eaten 4-5 berries and they are devouring the rest and yes, blue poop. 🤣😂

      • The story about the purple and blue poop is hilarious! I guess the purple does get everywhere and affect all living things equally. 🤣 On the bright side, your plants and crops are getting well fertilized!

        And I’m familiar with The Birds. I’m a huge horror movie fan and Hitchcock is the best. I’d be creeped out if that ever became a real thing!

    • You haven’t lived until you taste a mulberry. Heck come to my house and take one of my trees with you…lol My husband will thank you! I think they’re not in huge demand because of how messy they are but they make delicious jam or eat them right from the tree.

  3. Ahh Diane, you’ve just taken me way back to when I was in primary school! We had a big mulberry tree in our yard … a tree my brother and I loved to explore 😄. My mom later had a set of clothes for each of us to put on when we go near the mulberry tree – for obvious reasons! And she used to make A LOT of jam … hmm, I can definitely eat a toasted mulberry sandwich right now!!

    • What a wonderful memory! When my husband cuts the grass they sometimes drop on his shirt and even will stain his back through the shirt. There are so many that I slid while walking across the ground under the tree. You were very lucky to have a mother that made this. Did you have to pick them for her?

      • Yes, the idea was to pick for my mom … but half was in the basket and the other half ended up in our stomachs 😄. Fortunately, there was still enough to fill many jars of jams!

    • They are not a super sweet fruit but still delicious right off the tree. Using them for jam and cobbler really brings out their flavor. Thanks Michelle!

  4. This looks delicious Diane. I can’t say I’ve ever seen mulberries in the store, but there are few mulberry bushes at the Park and I’ve seen a couple of woman walkers who stand and feast right at the bush. (I never told them I saw the squirrels and a fat woodchuck inside the bush also feasting away.)

    • Haha mine are tall trees and I can’t reach most of the berries. The woodchucks, raccoons, squirrels and skunks can take whatever they want from the ground here because there are so many that I slip when I walk over them. Thanks Linda! 💕

  5. I think I’ll have to try to make this! I really like that there are so few ingredients to this… and I can definitely see it made its mark on your hands!

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