It’s My Birthday!


It is so special when your kids invite you over for a cookout. My daughter had me over for hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill to celebrate my birthday early and surprised me with this beautiful cake! She hid the cake and wasn’t going to tell me about it until after we ate, however, six year olds can’t keep a secret when they love cake too! As soon as my grandson got off of the school bus he said “Mom got you a cake!”

My son invited me over for a cookout next week. I haven’t seen my 2 year old grandson since Easter and I am so excited to spend some time with him, my son and daughter in law.

This is probably the only birthday I have looked forward to since I got older. Why? Because this is the year the government starts paying me back all that social security money I gave them and yes, I applied the earliest possible year I could. Now you know how old I am.

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  1. Well- happy birthday! It was my husband’s birthday yesterday but I’m just making his cake now as we were away yesterday. It won’t look as impressive as yours though!

    • Tell him Happy Birthday and thank you Emily! We devoured that cake, my mother in law baked me a rhubarb pie, my mom made these cream cheese bars and my husband bought a 1/4 sheet cake. No weight loss this week! Hahaha

  2. Happy Birthday and happy retirement! It is so wonderful that your kids are so attentive! May you enjoy many more years of celebration and love!

      • I made your Strawberry/Rhubarb pie today. I’m letting it sit over-night. Thanks again for the recipe!

      • I hope you enjoyed it. I tried something different and froze the leftovers. I made the pie and my husband bought me a cake on my birthday so the grandkids and I ate one piece of pie and then I froze it. Not sure how it will taste once it thaws but I figured it was better than letting it go stale.

      • I, too, froze half the pie. I like the taste. Unfortunately though I used organic date sugar, which is brown, and it looks like an operating table mess. Not an appealing color 🙂

      • Had a piece of the pie thawed tonight and it was perfect. The crust was great and not soggy. I wrapped mine in waxed paper then put it in a freezer container. I will definitely be doing it that way again.

  3. This will be a birthday to remember! The Mother of all Birthdays! And on Memorial Day weekend to boot!
    Happy Birthday to you. You are very special.

    • Thank you we are still celebrating today. My husband smoked a pork butt and bought me a cake. He is fixing dinner and doing dishes!!!! Hmmm I think he’s happy about social security too! 😂

      • Yaay!! That sounds good and any day when someone else fixes the dinner and dishes is a good day 😉 Hopefully, you can stretch out the celebrations til you see the grandchildren 😉

      • I sure did stretch it out. I went to my son’s on Memorial Day by myself as my hubby had to work. My son cooked on the grill and I enjoyed some much needed time with my other grandson.

  4. Happy birthday Diane! What a wonderful way to celebrate – twice! – and with family. And that cake is gorgeous. Enjoy the new benefits of getting older too! 😊

  5. Ahh, I wish you a happy & blessed birthday Diane 🎉. How wonderful of your kids (and grand children) to celebrate this with you! And THAT amazing cake! Clever grandson – who would want to wait for such a beautiful cake 😜.

    • I didn’t tell his mom that he told me but then when we were eating supper he said it again! 🤣😂🤣She looked at him and said “Really!” Lol

  6. A grilled burger or dog can really hit the spot! Enjoy your wonderful birthday celebrations with your family and heck yeah, enjoy that hard-earned money back in your hands!

  7. 🥳🎂🎈Happy Birthday Diane!🎈🎂🥳

    I’m right behind you on the age! Its just a number right?😂

    Have an awesome day and hopefully you brought some of the cake home!!💜

    • Thank you Susan and yes age is just a number! I didn’t bring any cake home as it was a small cake and the four of us devoured it! Yum! However, my husband bought me a cake for today which we will enjoy soon!

  8. Happy Birthday! I will get my first social security check later this month. And I am collecting as soon as possible, too. So, now you know how old I am! Enjoy your day and your cake!

  9. Happy birthday Diane! Mine’s May 19th, we’re also very close in age! How sweet you were able to spend it with family and now you can enjoy spending some of you’re hard earned money! Bravo! C

    • Thank you Cheryl we sure are close in age! I’m not spending a penny of the money as I will be saving up for a new kitchen! I’m one of those old fashion people that saves money then buys things. We have zero debt and I plan on keeping it that way. Your are right, family is the perfect way to celebrate. Have a great weekend!

  10. Super congratulations! Yup, I went for first opportunity, too. Dunno how my Helen manages to be so disciplined; but, she’s holding out for the bigger checks at 70.

    • Thanks and I’m with you! My accountant said if I take the money now I would have to be 76 before I lose a little. Tell Helen I want whatever I can get now in case I don’t make it to 76. I want my money back! 😂

  11. Well Happy Birthday! They say if you do the math… taking SS early is a wiser choice!
    That cake looks soooooo gooood!

    • Oh don’t I know that. My husband argued with me and wanted me to wait and I said no. We went to the accountant and let him decide……I WON! Accountant said I will be 76 before I equal out and heck I may be dead by then! 🤣 Thank you Nancy!

    • I agree and it tasted just as good Michelle! I have waited for my gift from the government for a long time and I will definitely enjoy it! Thanks so much Michelle!

  12. Wow! What a beautiful cake!!! Happy Birthday, Diane!! I hope it was a wonderful day, and will be the start of a wonderful year (starting with that SS check!!)!! Ha! Congratulations on both big events!! And how nice it is for us all to be able to connect with family and friends again, particularly on these occasions! Have a great, enjoyable, memorable day!!

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