Italian Salad Dressing


You will not want to buy Italian Salad Dressing from the store again after tasting this. It is inexpensive, quick and easy to make. It is not only a salad dressing, you can put it on chicken or vegetables as a marinade for great tasting food too. Add 2 Tbsp. of this mix to vinegar, water and oil then serve.

For a printable recipe card click HERE.


    • I can’t remember when we bought mayo before either, so simple! We do buy salad dressings but only because my husband eats SO many salads I would be making them every other day and he uses a lot of salad dressing on his salad. I swear I married a rabbit! 🤣

  1. This is great – easy to always have it on hand. I remember in the past when you were harvesting from your garden, you said your husband eats a lot of salad, so hopefully Italian dressing is his favorite type.

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