Happy St Patrick’s Day


Today is a double celebration for us. It’s St Patrick’s Day and it’s my granddaughter’s 10th birthday. We are not Irish but celebrating this day makes this old lady never forget when my granddaughter’s birthday is!


Picture from Pixabay

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  1. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! Genetically, we are about 20% Irish, so we will celebrate 1/5 of the day–about 5 hours. 🙂

    Today also would be the 116th birthday of the man who arranged my private adoption in 1966–Herman Martin Modell. But, you can read all about this in Chapter 4 (My Father Was a Freemason. So Was Herman Modell), once I find a literary agent!


  2. Well I do have a bit of Irish in my roots. And I blame that for my insatiable love of the common potato. But I hope that your granddaughter had a very pleasant birthday.


  3. Hi, Diane. How many grands do you have? I have seven. The story (true): Our oldest child and her husband had a child. They decided to have a second child. Twins. Our middle child and his wife had one child. They decided to have a second child. Twins. The youngest child and her husband had one child and said, “I can see how this is going.” And they still don’t have a second one (or an automatic third). Have a great day!


    • Hi John, I only have 3 grandkids. That is amazing about your kids and if I was your youngest I would be scared! Lol What a wonderful time it must be when you all get together. You are a lucky grandpa! Thanks for visiting my blog and have a fantastic day too!


  4. My friend was born on St. Pat’s Day and wasn’t one ounce Irish. I never met a person who enjoyed celebrating her birthday than her. It will. probably be the same for your granddaughter.


    • Oh yes she loves her birthday. She is so funny though, she doesn’t like cake. I took a cake to her on the 16th as we gave her her gifts then. Her mom bought a cake for the friends party and she never had a piece of either one.


  5. Oh, you are not old – you’re younger than me! Hope it was a joyous celebration and your granddaughter was feeling better and could have her party with her friends as well!


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