Christmas Hershey’s Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies


My Christmas Hershey’s Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies have chocolate chips in them and taste as good as they look. In other words…..delicious! If you love chocolate then you have to try these. They are a cookie with that fantastic Hershey flavor so how can you go wrong? This is my 5th cookie recipe of about 15 I will be posting.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. Another cookie I remember from the days when a cookie baker was in the house. I can just smell these – what is better than chocolate cookies by Hershey chocolate cookies with chocolate chips in them!?

      • I wonder if my mom had that cookbook too – you and I commented on items bought from “Taste of Home” or “Country Store” catalogs. I should look – I have all Mom’s cookbooks, some are small that she sent away for, or dessert specialty catalogs.

      • Yes, hope the stove holds out that long … maybe before I turn it on, I have to have Busen Appliance out … of course, their repairman wasn’t too bright. He took the condensate hose out of the sink to push the washer and dryer back to clean the lint from the dryer … he forgot to stick it back into the sink and water ran everywhere. Thankfully my internet went out and I was waiting to see if it came up after rebooting it (modem is in the basement – I work upstairs) and I wandered into the laundry room.

      • OMG that must be a common thing they do! My poor 91 year old mother in law called all upset because there was water all over her floor too after the plumber left. Yep, he did the same thing.

      • OMG! I was so angry as during the course of the Summer I had two plumbing jobs which involved drilling into the floor and they had to break up the tile to get to to the pipe. I could not find matching tile in the laundry room as it was laid in the late 60s, so I had to match the tile to basement floor paint. I washed, waxed and painted and then a few months later, there was another problem and they had to go in again – different spot, but scraped all the paint … so had to repaint, wax, etc. again. So I was really mad and called them to come and move the washer and dryer because there was water everywhere – thank goodness I had to reboot my modem because it was Summer so I was not going down to get a coat to walk, etc. and I don’t do laundry every weekend. Sigh. It was a mess just like your poor mother in law had. SMH

    • Most of my Christmas cookies are normal everyday cookies and simple. I only make chocolate chip cookies throughout the year making all the rest at Christmas time. Instead of fancy cookies I put them on Christmas plates to make them look fancy…lol My family doesn’t care for the different fancy cookies and every time I make one I get stuck with them. So I go for the sure thing. Lol

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