Christmas Butterball Cookies


My Christmas Butterball Cookies can be rolled into powdered sugar, left plain for a less sweet cookie or even add nuts for even more flavor. A wonderful cookie to have on a Christmas cookie tray or to serve to guests. This is the 6th cookie recipe of about 15 that I will be posting.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. I started my Christmas baking yesterday and these are on my agenda for today. With chopped pecans, I call them pecan dreams. So yummy.

    • Enjoy GP they are easy to make. I always freeze them without powdered sugar. When I take them out of the freezer I roll them in the sugar and wipe off the excess. When the thaw they look and taste perfect.

    • Kevin you won’t believe how simple these are. They don’t rise or spread out so you can put the entire recipe on one cookie sheet pan. Add crushed nuts and roll in powdered sugar for an extra treat! This is perfect for guests. You’re welcome Kevin!

  2. I think these are similar to wedding cake cookies Diane? I like Pepperidge Farm wedding cake cookies – Pepperidge Farm cannot keep their cookies stocked on grocer’s shelves this year as people are scooping them up as fast as they hit the shelves. That surprised me as I thought people were baking more this year due to the pandemic.

    • Yes they are like the Mexican wedding cake cookies. I’m not sure Pepperidge Farms is selling out or they just aren’t making as many??? With social distancing a lot of companies have cut back but they do have good cookies…lol BTW made the front page with my blog!

      • Yes, the Mexican wedding cookies. No, not selling out but they said people were stocking up and they can’t have as many people in their factories making/packaging, etc. so they’ve cut back. They didn’t have the Christmas cookies out when I was last at the grocery store – I got extra Nutter Butters and have decorated them for Christmas and some gingerbread cookies. That is exciting Diane! I’m glad the photo shoot went well. Your grandchildren already thought you were a star – even more now! I am going to search for it now as I don’t think you’ll feature it in your blog.

      • I found it very easily – congrats Diane!! Your cheesy pasta taco casserole looks good – now I know why you have two peanut butter pies! That is exciting – see how many new followers you get now since the article was published yesterday!

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