Ninja Foodi Air Crisp Review


As promised I am sharing the first results of my new Ninja Foodi gadget that my mom gave me. What better food item to try with the Air Crisp setting than bacon? Can it cook bacon as well as it does when you fry it in a pan or bake it in the oven? Most definitely yes!


Most people air crisp bacon flat in the metal pan that came with the Ninja. That meant I would have to cook two batches of bacon in order to cook an entire pound of bacon and it would double the cooking time. Well that wasn’t happening so I decided to drape it over the tall rack that came with the Ninja. I got the entire pound of bacon on the rack.

A7A9EEB3-A1D4-41CB-B4BB-94926839D839 I placed the tall rack with the bacon into the Ninja and closed the lid.


The Ninja defaults to 390 degrees on the air crisp setting, I left it set there and put the timer to cook for 10 minutes.


After 10 minutes I removed the bacon from the rack, placed it on top of the rack and air crisped another 3 minutes. After that I continued to cook, checking after every minute, until it was cooked the way we like it. It ended up being about 15 minutes total, however, the thickness of the bacon and how crisp you like your bacon could change that.


Using tongs I placed the bacon on a paper towel lined plate.


We made BLT’s and the bacon tasted great! Clean up was so easy too. I give the Air Crisp setting a five star rating.



  1. Diane, this is not helping with my healthy eating goals! 😂😂😂 But boy that’s bacon sure looks great!

    How is the cleaning of the Air Fryer? Is it messy? I’m so tempted to get one now.

    • This one does it all! Air fry, slow cooker, pressure cooker, bakes/roast, sautés, steams, sears/sautés, broils, dehydrates and keeps food warm!!! So far I have tried air fryer and slow cooker. Made bacon, scalloped potatoes & ham and smoked sausage. All turned out great. Clean up is a breeze so far. Nothing stuck or burnt and wiped right off. I will be doing a review on each of the settings as I make things.

  2. I remember when we got the microwave and it opened up a whole new world for cooking bacon with the top you put on for splatters. Clean-up was a breeze and that Summer there were many BLTs on the menu – we had been using Canadian bacon instead. Sometimes I think I was too quick giving the microwave away, but I didn’t like having it in the basement and no room upstairs to put it – I have very little counter space.

    • I couldn’t live without my microwave. I use it daily, mostly for defrosting and cooking the kids pizza rolls and chicken nuggets…lol My husband eats a lot of soup and cooks it in the microwave too. I remember buying my first microwave back in 78 or 79. It was $600.00 and gigantic! That was a lot of money back then! I have a feeling this Ninja Foodi is going to be my best friend! Hahaha

      • I am sorry I gave it to my neighbor – went down to cook something and a huge black spider was hippity-hopping along the top of it – disappeared down the back. I could not bring it upstairs. I asked Marge if she wanted it before I changed my mind … I’ve often thought I thought get another one, maybe if I can contain clutter down there. It sits on a small freezer we had downstairs, but only used it for storage after we unplugged it many years ago. We got ours in 1979 too – I don’t remember how much ours was – yours must’ve been much larger than ours. My mom said “now you’re cooking that stinky Campbell’s clam chowder downstairs from now on and not smell up the house!” Your parents are pleased they bought you such a great gift.

      • She knows she picked the perfect gift for you then. We are having horrific rain right now – it’s flooding streets … two inches in about an hour and still raining and flash flooding and severe weather for today.

      • We got three feet of water in the basement in 1969 – my grandmother and mother were alone here as my father had taken me to Germany on his first time back there since 1950. They had a bad storm and flooding … my grandmother and mother spent three weeks dealing with water, scrubbing down the walls which were painted – before they were paneled. We got new sewers in 1989 and it’s been okay since then, but at my cross-street they have been repairing the road after tearing it up – I was worried that the sewer would not be working properly.
        I follow the City Facebook Neighborhood Forum … several streets were repaired last year due to bad potholes and there were no flooding issues before and now people have experienced flooding – yikes! Nothing thankfully – whew!

      • I was worried they tore up something and messed us up – thank goodness they did not. Some people in the City have had flooding so severe that they are on their third washer and dryer and hot water heater. They have now filed a class action suit after the last flooding.

  3. You can never go wrong with bacon. I just bought my air fryer about a month ago and I’m still learning how to use it. So far I really like it, but I’ve only tried it out n the frozen stuff. I’m going to have to try this with bacon as well.

    • It was my first time cooking bacon in an air fryer and now it will be the only way. The bacon was cooked perfectly! I made smoked sausage links in it today 12 minutes and done!

  4. I hate cooking bacon, this is like a dream come true, I look forward to the scalloped potatoes and ham! And I have to add my cousin (who I treated to your cheesy potatoes) turned around and made it for her family. They loved it! You’re making us look like rock stars in aprons! Thanks Diane, C

    • You are too kind Cheryl! I’m glad you and your cousin are enjoying my recipes! The bacon was amazing as was the scalloped potatoes and ham. Thank you so much! 🥰

  5. I don’t have an air fryer. My husband does most of the cooking in retirement, but since I do all of the cleanup, I really like the idea of something that cleans up so easily.

    • I not only find this easy to clean but the more I use it the more I love it. I have read where people stopped using their stoves, take this in their campers etc. It has so many uses. I don’t see me not using my stove, after all this only holds a 5# chicken not a 20#

      • Good point. It sounds versatile, but only up to a point. I had to live without a stove at one point in my life because we couldn’t find a replacement to fit in the space of the defunct stove. It was tough. I did have a Crock Pot, but that doesn’t take care of baking. We bought a portable convection oven which was better than nothing. I’m sure convection ovens have improved since then.

  6. Diane, I just wanted to tell you thank you for being an awesome friend! You’re awesome!! I feel like you have been a true friend from the moment we met and I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and your company.

    I just feel like my time had come to get off of blogging. At least for a while. If I decide to come back I’ll definitely find you!

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