Ninja Foodi Slow Cook Review


This is my second review of the Ninja Foodi. This time I used the Slow Cook high setting and made Scalloped Potatoes & Ham. This will be the same directions for any slow cooker. Recipe link is at the bottom of this post.

C1B3012C-C0B5-4E4D-AC3A-2321229D83D2I added the potatoes, onion, ham, salt and pepper to the insert pan and tossed.


Add the soups.


Using a rubber spatula toss to combine.


Place the pan insert into the Ninja Foodi. You must use the lid with the vent when you slow cook so the steam can vent.


Cook on the slow cook setting on high for 5 hours or until the potatoes are tender (I stir mine in hour 3 and hour 4 with a rubber spatula) or you can cook on low for 9 – 10 hours or until potatoes are tender, then serve.

I give the slow cook setting 5 stars. There is nothing special about it as it functions like any slow cooker does but it worked perfectly.

Click HERE for my recipe for Scalloped Potatoes & Ham for the oven. I use the same recipe for any slow cooker except I don’t add milk.



  1. That looks delicious and I love that it’s so easy to make too! I might just need to ask Santa for an Ninja Foodi for Christmas.

  2. That thing looks amazing! I had to look it up and I couldn’t believe everything it does. I need one so I can get rid of everything else taking up all my space. 🙂

    • I baked frozen lobster tails in it yesterday in 12 minutes! I haven’t heard anything bad about it from anyone and the three settings I have used were perfect. I have the 8 quart Ninja and everyone that buys the 6 quart regrets not getting the 8 qt. Mine holds a 5 pound chicken! It is a great investment!

  3. That looks delicious – I am planning to try out the slow cooker this weekend – crossing my fingers that it tastes good. I may try this when I am “advanced” a little more. 🙂

    • Oh I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Even though you can cook on high for 4-5 hours I always find we like food the best when it’s cook on low for 8-10 hours. What are you making?

      • OK, that is good to know Diane. I am making chicken with mushrooms, mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup, brown and wild rice and Durkee’s onions on top. I have some canned vegetables that I may throw in there too but not til the end. I wish I had bought some stuffing mix as I’ve seen many recipes on the Facebook sites for chicken stuffing mix. Some of these are for big batches though. I have actually bought three kinds of rice. I also bought a Knorr rice in a package with chicken/mushroom flavor, so maybe that one instead. They all say throw the rice in last and it will cook up okay – hope I don’t end up with crunchy rice. 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip Diane – that’s what worried me the most – crunchy rice. 🙂 I have found many crockpot recipes using rice and stuffing online, so I’ve not really looked through any of the four crockpot cookbooks yet since you mentioned these Facebook sites to me … you’d be surprised how, since you recommended these sites, that there are at least one person daily announcing they have just bought their first crockpot and need simple recipes. So I am not alone – I thought everyone had probably bought a crockpot when they first came onto the market … these are probably younger people. I am looking forward to dinner., Funny I bought three kinds of rice and a small box of macaroni … macaroni will be next time, probably next weekend. For now, I’ll just use it on weekends, or if it rains and I don’t go out. I’d have used it yesterday but we had storms and was afraid we might lose power. This morning is winning no weather prizes either, but nothing severe thankfully. I will let you know.

      • Well, I have to report tomorrow instead of today Diane. It took me forever to wrangle the slow cooker box out of the shipping box, then I had to cut down the sides of the actual box (so I hope it has nothing wrong with it), then wash all the pieces, etc., read the directions. I figured since you said “slow” cooking was better, it would be late when done, so will do it tomorrow. I did take the opportunity to read through some of the cookbooks I got – I wish I had known about the Facebook site first as these are way over my head (for now anyway). There is quite a nice collection of stews, soups, dinners and desserts so I will tackle some of them when I get more familiar with cooking. I had to make a shopping list of necessities as I’ve not cooked in such a long time – where did the measuring cup go, measuring spoons (probably used in the garden to measure something) among other things. I’m a pitiful excuse for a female. 🙂

      • Generally slow cooking is just dumping the food in, set it and forget it. Keep in mind if you remove the lid you lose 15 minutes of cooking time. So try not to take the lid off. Other than scalloped potatoes I rarely take the lid off until I think it’s done cooking.

      • I am ready to do it now … it was late when everything was assembled/redy and what I am planning to make was 6 -7 hours of low, so I thought I’d better wait a day. OK, I will remember that – no peeking. 🙂

      • It came out well and I’m glad you told me to add some water toward the end as I think the rice would have been hard. I will just make dinners on weekends until I am comfortable with it and will explore new recipes as I go along. Wish I had not ordered the cookbooks, which I did when I ordered the crockpot, then told you about ordering everything and you mentioned the Facebook sites – they are geared more to my limited cooking experience.

      • Oh I am so happy for you. I bet it was nice having something different for supper too! I’m always here if you ever have any questions. Great first meal!!! Oh you can add chicken broth or beef broth instead of water if you want more flavor too.

      • Thanks Diane! It was wonderful having something tasty for a change and the house smelling of food – I have missed that as well. I will remember that – I will try not to ask too many questions! I am going to get more familiar with cooking with it, then explore the cookbooks which had more advanced (for me anyway) recipes. Not right now and I have to get a few more basic items in because I have not cooked anything and I got rid of all my mom’s spices because they had not been used in such a long time and I knew they would be stale. My mom used to buy the chicken and beef boullion cubes or in the bottle – I don’t recall us having the canned broth. I got an e-mail today from Crock-Pot (recipes, etc.) and they gave all the models and accessories of Crock-Pots – did you know they have a personal size crock pot? It actually comes in two different sizes. I wish I had known that as I could have been using that while this laptop has been sitting on the stove! People commented on this personal crock pot that they take it to work and heat up their food slowly, 3-4 hours. Plug it in when they get to work and by lunchtime, their food is hot. I’l bet there is no more community microwave in lunchrooms these days!

      • I know it Diane – we’d be very rich! I saw that personal crock pot and thought to myself “why did I not look on Amazon for something like that months ago?” Of course it is right there on Amazon. I know they have the personal-sized refrigerators for your office or desk, so why not this too? Self-contained!

      • Oh, see I did not look as closely. I was thinking I could have just made something small in it. I don’t like cleaning up big messes – for that reason I bought the crock pot liners – no mess the other night and will take it out carefully. I could have gotten the warmer for stuff I used to cook in a pot … stupid laptop is sitting on the stove and my boss’ pleas to the computer guy go unanswered!

      • BTW – I looked up the size for the pizza – the original pizza recipe I had (just cheese and pepperoni) was a 3 1/2 – 4 quart crockpot, so I’m all set. 🙂

  4. I wonder if I could make this in a lot less time in my pressure cooker?? Looks like a recipe we all would like!

    • I’m sure you could. I wish I could tell you how but I haven’t even tried the pressure cooker yet. If you try it would you let me know how it turns out, and the settings you used please.

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