Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract


Have you ever wondered how they make Pure Vanilla Extract? I made two vodka bottles full back in March 2017. I Just opened the second bottle and does it smell good! Click HERE to see how simple it is to make.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about making some for a while with the price of vanilla being that of 200-year-old brandy! Nice idea! Sometimes I use Kahlua when coffee flavor is okay in the mix…

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  2. I got some pure vanilla extract for my mom when I was in Tijuana some years back. A “bus-buddy” went to Acapulco every year and said that all her co-workers clamored for the strong vanilla so brought back some. So it was much more potent. My mom would have liked this as she raved about the vanilla. I was reading how you put it in a dark place in a brown bag. My mom made mincemeat tarts every year for Christmas. Around this time of year, she bought a large jar of None Such mincemeat and would half the jar with another jar or glass bottle and pour a sizable amount of rum in the bottle, close it up and put it in the back of the fridge, bottom shelf until December. When you opened the jars of mincemeat, the fumes could knock you over! 🙂

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      • It was funny about the vanilla Diane – I didn’t open the bottle as it was sealed, so I never smelled it ’til she used it for baking. It was pretty potent. As I recall I had to go to a liquor store in Tijuana to buy it. I was on a cruise through the Panama Canal two years later and a stop was Acapulco – they also had vanilla that was a certain proof, so got some more for her, a bigger bottle this time, and one for our neighbor. The mincemeat was amazing – I used to take some samples of my mom’s baking in every day for a coworker and my former boss every Christmas – he said those tarts were his favorite of all the goodies. 🙂

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      • Oh yes, he enjoyed Christmas baking a lot! He liked those regular sized tarts made with cream cheese pastry, but liked the “coconut goodies” he called them, smaller tarts with Damson plum and toasted coconut on top and also she made small tarts that resembled pecan pie but were more liquidy like a butter tart. Butter tarts are popular in Canada – never have seen them here though.

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