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Wow my perennial herb garden had to be cut already. Unfortunately my lemon thyme bolted (flowered). They say when herbs bolt they donโ€™t taste very good, however, they also say the tiny flowers on the lemon thyme are ok to eat. Iโ€™m not crazy about dehydrating the flowers so I cut it back and it will grow more soon. Since I have tons of regular thyme it really doesnโ€™t matter. My annual herbs are growing but they are no where near ready to cut since I just planted them two weeks ago.

Today I picked sage, oregano, asparagus (not an herb) and regular thyme. I also trimmed back my chives. I have a total of eight types of herbs and yes, chives are an herb. I put my fresh cut herbs in the refrigerator and tomorrow I will be dehydrating them. If you want to learn more about the different methods of dehydrating herbs, click HERE to read a previous post I wrote about dehydrating.

Now my asparagus is another story. I have eaten so much asparagus this year that I gave it away to three family members. This has been an amazing growing season for asparagus. For my area they say you can pick asparagus through June. I stop picking it by June 4th. It will go to seed and the energy from the plants will go back into the roots.

Do you have an herb garden? Did you know that you can even grow herbs in containers. I find growing herbs very simple and rewarding.


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  1. I love growing herbs. They attract many beneficial insects and can repel some of the bad ones. They have many health benefits and are easy to dry and store.

    • Me too!!! It is so rewarding after I dehydrate them and see the final product along with picking them fresh in the spring, summer and fall. Have a great weekend!

  2. Lovely harvest Diane! I grow herbs in small containers…have never tried growing asparagus though..yours looks soo fresh and nice!

  3. My mom has herbs in containers all over her back porch. I can’t wait to be done with our house so I’ll have more time for herbs. I really want to grow some peppermint and lavender and maybe some lemon.

    • Before making my herb garden outside my husband tried the small water with light growing device. For the life of me I can’t think of what it is called…lol Anyhow, it didn’t work for him so I made 2 raised bed ones outside instead.

  4. You are always so clever and resourceful. No, I’ve never had an herb garden before and am not much of a cook (make that no cook at all). Did you try the new block editor as your photo is bigger (I realize that is because you did not have step-by-step directions and accompanying photos) but your font is larger and darker too.

    • Thank you Linda! No I went to the block editor then hit the classic editor button. It still changed the classic editor a bit, more work to make it like I want. I did increase the font and make it darker. What is your honest opinion of it like that?

      • Good – I really think people should have been able to decide which one they wanted. I’m waiting for them to say I have to get a new theme as my theme is a 2010 version. I like the font how you had it Diane, but if you keep it for recipes and people print it out, they will be using more paper and more ink from the larger font, unless they save it to a device and just look at the recipe from there.

      • No problem Diane. I liked it – easy to read, but the fact that many people do print them out and would not be able to change the font size, would be a reason to return the former way.

      • Wonder if anyone will ask why? I like the justified right margin in the block editor, but it does not show up in Reader and you have to format each paragraph separately – you can’t select the whole post. Takes forever if you write a long post.

      • I was sorry I went over to the block editor – with the classic editor, I used to load all the photos in one group at the top of the post, then just put my text in between and move the pics where I wanted them. You can’t do that now and you are supposed to be able to drag the photos from your computer – I don’t know how to do that unfortunately.

      • I have heard a lot of bloggers complaining about how much time it takes. I think it is probably a good editor for computer savvy people, just not this old lady! Lol

      • We spend enough time with blogging that using more time to figure it out is not time well spent. I’ve been happy to not learn Windows 10 yet – now Robb (my boss) is pressing the computer guy to get us up/running. (We got the equipment in March of 2019 – why hurry?)

      • This is interesting Diane – since you moderate comments, just you will see it. I follow a woman in Mexico. Martha is a doctor and avid bicyclist. Occasionally she posts recipes for what she calls “messy food” … I told her, like I tell you, I don’t cook and will learn one day and she thinks I am exaggerating I’m sure. But anyway, Martha likes to post messy food recipes … this is one and she has changed her font and it is large … maybe you want to rethink what I said and you changed back?

      • OK, you’re welcome Diane. I felt badly when I saw Martha’s post. Underneath that recipe you can see she had a smaller font before for earlier recipe posts. Most of Martha’s posts are memes or cartoons or pictures she sees and posts them. I always comment on the messy food. I figured you might change your mind seeing how it looked in a recipe.

      • I have been so busy that I have been posting every other day. Having the kids so much as put me behind. Tomorrow will be my wisteria pictures from a week ago.

      • I got far behind last weekend from working in the yard and it took me several days to get caught up, then went to bed early, skipped Reader and was behind again, so I didn’t realize you were posting every other day.

    • Dehydrate it!!!! You leave enough to keep it growing so don’t cut it all the down. Check out the link in this post in the last paragraph to see the different ways you can dehydrate.

  5. As we live in a Florida condo, we have just had a few potted herbs on our lanai [porch], but now we are about to move to the “frigid” north – have purchased a home in Ohio – and you have given me something to look forward to.

    • Welcome…. I’m in Ohio! My parents live in Florida too and they just put their house up for sale as they are moving back here too. You will enjoy the tomatoes..lol My mom always complained about them in Florida.

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