My Wisteria In Bloom


Wisteria is a beautiful vine with gorgeous flowers.

I have grown mine for over 25 years.

Although it is a lot of work training it, it is worth it!

Mine encases our 50 foot arbor and as

you see is loved by insects and birds.



I have trained the vine to twist so that it would

be strong enough to climb to the top of our arbor.



Since the vines are on top of the arbor, when

it flowers they hang down and are huge.



I planted pink and blue wisteria but for some

reason this year the blue wisteria didn’t bloom. 

If you click HERE you can see the post I made

of the best season I have ever had. The wisteria

was loaded with both colors of gigantic wisteria.

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    • They are suppose to be but I haven’t really been able to smell them. It is always windy here as we have open fields and this arbor is 8 feet tall. Most of the vine is another 3-4 feet above that so maybe that’s why I don’t smell them. Thank you!

  1. Such loveliness! And I enjoyed seeing your post when it bloomed both colors! I bet it’s nice sitting underneath it when it’s blooming.

    • Yes but I love walking under it the best. It is 50 feet long and 8 feet tall so it is like a tunnel. The birds just love making a nest in the twisted vines. Thank you Nancy!

  2. How pretty! And they smell so wonderful. I planted a wisteria at my old house in Germany and then in Maine. Now we moved into a condo, and I‘m hoping to convince the other owners that a wisteria climbing up the rain pipe would be a great addition.

  3. Oh I love the beauty and serenity of this post – it is just what was needed!! What a year we are living through, Diane!! On your wisteria – we have had some in here at the farm at Eden and it has only flowered the last couple of years as it was munched on multiple times by wallabies and wombats. The pruning of it is always such a worry to me, so it’s good to see the way yours is growing. I hope things are ok where you are, Diane, and I send love and positivity not only to you in the USA but also here so that we can change the significant structural racial issues we have with our indigenous folk and the police … anyway thinking of you and wishing you some joy over this summer.
    Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝

    • Thank you so much Donna! I agree with you 100%. What has this world come to? I can’t imagine doing all the work it takes with my wisteria only to have it eaten! That must be awful for you. I am so glad I trained it to the top of the arbor because it does whatever it wants to up there. I just have the constant battle of all the new shoots down below. Take care Donna and stay safe! 🧡

  4. This is really a beauty and it shows every hour you put into it. Well worth the effort though. Enjoy it! And thank you for the picture.

    • You’re welcome! I even turned 2 vines into trees. They were gorgeous but unfortunately still a vine. The trunks ended up about 8-10 inches in diameter but being a vine kept falling over. We put huge heavy poles in the ground and wrapped a heavy chain around the poles and vines for support. It was gorgeous but we get a lot of wind and one day they just fell over. It was exhausting trying to keep them upright so we cut them down. Having the vines climb the arbor is so much easier!

  5. Diane – Just gorgeous. I remember your last post about the Wisteria and I told you of the man on the corner, double lot with his Wisteria and after he retired, it seemed every time we ever passed by the house, he was working on it. It was only ¼ or 1/3 the size of yours – yours is just beautiful. I am sad when I pass by there now. He is long gone and the family who bought the house, never did anything to keep it up – all that is there is the special fenced area he had trained it to grow along.

    • Yes I remember that but it takes complete devotion to keep them maintained. If you don’t prune constantly they get so bad it is easier to cut them down and start over.

      • Yes, you have your work cut out for you for sure Diane. Mr. Shrock was out there constantly. They were in the backyard and since it was a corner house, people stopped by to look at them all the time when they were in bloom.

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