M & M Cookies


I love using the red and green M & M’s for a festive cookie for Christmas. Use the multi-colored M & M’s to make these cookies any time of the year. These cookies are always a big hit because who doesn’t love M & M’s?

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


Categories: Candy, Cookies, Eggs


  1. Do you get the mint flavoured M&M’s down there? Only white, green and red ones but chocolate- mint flavour and up here in Canada, have a “female” green character on the bag instead of the regular, smart-aleky red, and less-than-brilliant yellow characters.

    Taste like crunchy York peppermint patties… Or After-Eights.

  2. Wow.. you are so talented Diane…I can’t imagine the crunchiness and the M&m flavors, all in one … It’s indeed a complete Christmas with this… 🌺

  3. These look very Christmassy with the red and green M&Ms. I make these often, but never thought of using Christmas M&Ms for this time of year. so simple.

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