I Won A Contest!


Wow I am so excited that I won a contest hosted by Tracy Ruckman. Tracy sent me a wonderful bag of coffee as my prize, almost like she knew how much I love coffee! On top of that it’s chocolate flavored, can it get any better? It arrived Saturday and I will be having my first cup today!

Thank you Tracy for you generosity! Visit Tracy’s website @ http://www.TracyRuckman.com.




  1. Congrats, Diane! I canโ€™t think of anything better than coffee to have on these cold almost-winter mornings…unless itโ€™s chocolate flavored coffee. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Sounds lovely to me as we love good coffee beans and i know the cost well. Never heard of Tracy but then she never heard of me so we are even maybe. My good friend Boris won the British election but he never sent me coffee miserable sod. Here but beans and too much fillers in grounds. i store in sealed top jars and use what need is from that. We grind our own and French drip it or Italian jug on stove but takes ages for water to drive it up. Worth it is not in any hurry.. Pay around 40 euro a kilo java pure mountain we both like. We used about that amount a month as we like it strong and black with one sugar only. i drink English black tea with no sugar but that must be just me. i can buy the good teas over here all from UK. Getting coffee as a win is my idea of good.

    • It’s funny because I can drink tea of any kind black. But coffee I like Half and Half cream (Heavy cream is even better) and a hint of sugar. I too will pay for coffee as that is my personal pleasure. My husband is a tea drinker.

    • I won a bag of chocolate flavored coffee…..yum! I didn’t submit a recipe it was on a website that helps in writing a book. I have been contemplating writing a cookbook but have no idea where to start. Her website has a lot of great help.

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