Beef & Pasta for Free


How in the world did I make this delicious meal for free? I am a very frugal cook and I utilize leftovers whenever I can. I posted my recipe for Lazy Day Slow Cooker Roast two days ago (link below). After feeding four of us, I had so much delicious broth and tender beef leftover I decide to use it for another fabulous meal. Half a box of pasta has been sitting in my cupboard that I had opened for another recipe as well. By using up these leftovers, I did not have to purchase any ingredients for this meal making it free!


Cook the pasta (any style) according to the package directions and drain. I used 8 oz of pasta for mine but use as much as you need for the leftovers that you have. Add your warmed leftover roast pieces (fat and bones removed) and the broth to the pasta, toss and serve. Talk about an easy and inexpensive meal!


    • My inspiration has always been to teach people how to cook like they did years ago. It makes me sick to drive down one of our main roads where there must be at least 30 places to eat in about a 2 mile stretch. I like to go out to eat for special occasions but today people are eating out almost every meal. The cost to eat out is unbelievable. People spend so much money eating out.

      • I so agree with this Diane. People are head over heels in debt and half their money goes to eating out! Eating out once in a while is okay but don’t they get sick of it. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal for taste.

  1. Diane…such a long time..I see you are going on with the good work ๐Ÿ’›..guess what?? I just chose some of your showcase how sustainable meals ..should look like…in one of my Eco movementsโ™ป๏ธ here in my country…

    • Well I’m glad I’m not alone…lol Every recipe seems to call for the entire box but occasionally I only use a half box. Usually I dump the leftover pasta into my veggie soup.

  2. While I disagree on the free part, as you did have to spend the money on these items at one point, I think you’re amazing. More people need to find a way to use their leftovers! Bravo! And it looks delicious!

  3. Oh yes! No waste! I usually don’t have any leftovers, but when happens to have, I always use them to make great and simple meals! A great feeling always I would say ๐Ÿ™‚

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