Old Fashion Strawberry Shortcake



With Strawberry season right around the corner, I thought I would share this delicious Old Fashion Strawberry Shortcake recipe. What a great treat for the holiday and picnics.

Click on the link below to view the step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card.


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  1. Our strawberry season is over, but the peaches are in. I picked peaches yesterday afternoon, so of course we’ll be having some peach shortcake this weekend!

  2. That is how I learned to make strawberry shortcake – by squishing the strawberries! Only my mother used a golden cake mix, and cut them into squares instead of Bisquick. I still make it that way, but some people find the squished up strawberries strange! I am way behind in my reading Diane, as I am trying to put the finishing touches on a kitchen redesign, lots of decisions, so it’s been take out pizza lately. I’m sure there are many lovely recipes I have missed.

      • You needn’t be jealous. It is a very small kitchen, with a very small budget, which seems to be growing with all the extras I hadn’t counted on. Trying to line up a painter, electrician and plumber all for the same week is the hard part, plus choosing new dishwasher and over the Range microwave to fit the small space. Still have to buy a sink and faucet and pick paint out. I find there is too much choice in all those big box stores – a whole asile of faucets – does anyone need that much choice? Am keeping my old fridge and stove for now. Then have to pack everything up from the old one, as they are talking installation the end of June, when I had counted on mid-July, as they initially told me 6 weeks for the cabinets, so now I’m feeling rushed and stressed. I just hope it turns out alright and is worth all the running around. I’ve done the whole outside of the house (one project a year) and have had some reno nightmares in my past so I’m expecting something to go wrong as it always does. I’ve lived with my old kitchen for a long time….the cabinets came with the house – and are 50 years old….too old and ugly to even paint as many people do. I’m sure I will be blogging about it at some point, as it was one of my new Years resolutions. I am also way behind in my Reader!

      • OK I just changed my mind! That sounds way to overwhelming at this time in life! I think I will just move!….lol But seriously, hang in there it will be so worth it in the end. That’s wonderful the outside is done and think how good that feels! You got this!!!!

      • Thanks for your words of encouragement Diane! I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment – and just need to stop and breathe!

  3. This looks delicious, but I’m too lazy to do all the work!

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