Cutting Up A Whole Chicken


Don’t spend extra money paying for a whole chicken that is already cut up when it is so quick and easy to do it yourself. This is the same method you use to cut up a whole cooked chicken too. I will show you easy step by step directions to do this. Keep in mind, every time you do it yourself, it gets easier and easier. I know that this may gross some people out, and that’s ok, go ahead and buy it already cut up then. But at least try it once before you give up. You will see how simple it really is!

Click on the link below to view the step by step directions with pictures.

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  1. Brings back memories. Years back when I was a much younger farm/homestead wife, we raised chickens. Once or twice a year when we thinned the flock for freezer, we tended to do thirty or so at a time. I did all jobs(except for killing) but always was on my own when it was time to cut them up, cause hubby didn’t do kitchen work.

    When we moved back to Florida and a house in town, I bought cut-up chickens. He would get irritated and remind me that they cost more, but I resolved that I had had enough. I do cut one up occasionally, but we mostly buy packaged thighs and breasts separately these days. I do think it is a handy skill for anyone who cooks though 😉

    • Wow 30 is a lot of chicken parts! I am guessing you froze them? I always admire homestead woman and wish I had all their energy! Thank you for sharing your memories Gwen!

      • Yes 🙂 We had a giant chest freezer. We also raised sheep, pigs, rabbits and geese. It was a great experience, but lots of very hard work.

  2. I am pathetically bad at cutting up chickens. I like to say it’s why I don’t t enter cooking competitions (other than the obvious I’m a decent but not extraordinary cook

  3. We’re loosing the skill of cutting up a whole chicken, and that is too bad. My mother would cup up a chicken in what seemed like seconds, and she always cut the breasts in half too in order to make 10 pieces. I’m glad I learned this skill, because the organic chickens I buy from the farmer come one way – whole!

    • Lol but you ate it cooked! I jinxed myself! My Blue Heron has been trying to eat my fish all day! The are koi fish size and I have 10….had 10… I haven’t been out to see if he killed them yet. 😢

      • He left around 8:45 pm last night and was out there at 5:45 am today! I went to the Dollar Tree and bought 5 little windmills. I will them around the ponds and see if that works.

      • I tried that with the robins who build nests in the elbow of the coach light. Didn’t deter them in the least. I ended up stuffing the “bend in the elbow” with a bag stuffed with styrofoam peanuts or newspaper and stuck the pinwheels in between – it looked like ‘House Beautiful”! I Googled around one year and found out there are these streamers that you can put out to deter robins from building nests. They have holograms on them so when they twists and turn in the wind, it scares the birds when they see the colors change. I wonder if that would help? Home Depot has it, as does Amazon.
        I just ordered liquid ant bait from Amazon today – I still have these stupid little ants running around (mostly in my room) and today I had two on my arm here at the kitchen table where I have my computer. And one of them was a carpenter ant. I don’t like ants, but I’m not afraid of them like spiders and centipedes, but it has gotten out of control. Usually most people have them a couple of weeks and it is done – I think it is due to all the rain.

      • Wow it may be time for an exterminator. I hate bugs in my house. Thank you for the link I will check it out. So far the little windmills have worked, no blue heron but I’m sure it will return. My fish are so terrified they stopped eating…or they are dead…lol

      • I’d be terrified if I saw that big beak too. Fellow blogger Shelley has suggested Terro Liquid Ant Bait – ordered them from Amazon as I couldn’t find them here and put out 6 traps … I am hoping for the best … I am not afraid of ants, but don’t want them in my bed or bedroom. If they were baby spiders or centipedes it would either be an exterminator or a hotel for me!

    • Once you cut one it will be easy after that. Just cut the skin in the area I stated and you will see the joints. Then cut between the joints. You won’t believe how simple it really is….go for it!

      • I just went back to the post to see it again and to try to engrave the images in my head. Of course once I have the chicken with me ill have to put my knowledge to the test, so to speak lol. Thanks for this!

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