Rhubarb Crisp


Rhubarb is one of my favorite vegetables to use in desserts. Yes it is a vegetable and not a fruit like you would think. This Rhubarb Crisp recipe has that sweet and tart flavor I just love. I have grown my own rhubarb for over 25 years now. It is just coming into season. I wash it, cut it and put it into 2 cup freezer bags then I freeze whatever I donโ€™t use right away. That way I can make my favorite rhubarb recipes any time of the year.

Click on the link below for a printable recipe card.


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  1. Yummy! We used to eat a lot of rhubarb when I was a kid because we had a HUGe patch. I have a few plants now that dad and I picked up from a friend a few years ago. It has never taken off for some reason and I have not harvsted any. A few days ago I was thinking I should cut a few stalks since my son and his friend are here. I am not sure if they have eaten it before so it would be a good time. Thanks for the receipโ€‹e!

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